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No, this is not a gimmick.

We have what you want

and we want you to have it. 

The commodity is knowledge, the knowledge imparted by the Torah.
Evaluate our offer as you would any other. 
What do you consider important?

  • Quality?
  • Flexibility?
  • Value?
  • Convenience?

How best can you get it?

Partners in Torah!

  • It’s personal – we set you up with a study partner by phone.
  • It’s convenient – after work, lunch-time, between classes, anytime.
  • It’s for everyone – professionals, students, parents – you.
  • Study what you want – with a qualified partner – no clicking, no searching.
  • It’s free!

Partners in Torah

For the first time you control what you learn, when you learn and when you stop.
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