The Unbroken Chain of Jewish Tradition

A Visual Overview of the History of the Jewish people

Jewish history is very complex. There is a great deal of material that must be studied before it is possible to grasp just how complex it is. The Jewish people have lived for a long time, and have accomplished much. They have rarely been left in peace by the other nations of the world. Yet in spite of periodic hardship and secular distraction they have worked tirelessly with much success to maintain and develop the Jewish nation spiritually. So much of Jewish history is comprised of accounts of the efforts made by many to maintain a Torah lifestyle. Sometimes this was done during peaceful times, within the borders of the Land of Israel. Often this was done outside Israel under the rule of belligerent foreign powers and less than ideal circumstances. Each type of situation worked to develop the Jewish nation, and both need to be studied carefully if insight into the Jewish people is to be gained. Timeline One is a general overview and provides a framework for the information on the timelines that follow.

Timeline One:

Timeline Two:

Timeline Three:

Timeline Four:

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A Rational Approach to the Torah’s Divine Origin
History of Judaism

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