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TV bosses are making the sickest reality show — with contestants trying to get as many illnesses as possible.

In Sick Day, three lads will live in the same house for two months and try to catch ailments like nits, lice, flu, venereal diseases and warts.

It is being made as a pilot for digital channel E4 by Princess Productions, which also makes breakfast show RISE.

Teacher Ray Downing, 23, from North London, auditioned for the show and said: “I was shocked when they told me what it was about.

“It’s up to contestants to find ways to catch the disease, but they talked about snorkeling in sewage.”

Contestants were told they would be paid and that a doctor would make sure they did not become too ill.

An E4 spokeswoman said: “None of the illnesses will be life threatening.”

John Beyer of Mediawatch UK, which fights for TV decency, said: “This proves reality TV is scraping the bottom of a very deep barrel.”

Lucy: I got chop from the Square

EASTENDER Lucy Benjamin has hit out over her shock exit, saying: “I didn’t quit, I was sacked.”

Lucy, 32, who played Lisa Fowler, said she “cried and cried” after executive producer Louise Berridge told her she was out.

Then she fell into the arms of boyfriend Steve McFadden, 43, who plays hardman Phil Mitchell. Lucy said: “My face and his shirt were covered in mascara. He’s my fella and he hates to see me upset. He just wanted to take the pain away.”

It was announced in June that Lucy had quit Albert Square after four years. But the distraught actress could not face telling her pals she had been ousted.

She said: “I got caught in this tangle of lies — and hated it.”

Lucy filmed her final scenes two weeks ago.

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The ultimate TV reality show where three contestants set out to catch scabies, ringworm, crotch rot, athletes foot, nits – anything that’s contagious. They’ve got nothing to lose, except their health.

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