Rabbi David Aaron


The Power of Kabbalah

The Secret Life of God

The Chosen People

Finding Your Purpose

Kabbalah of Love - What is Love? (p1)

Kabbalah of Love - Oneness (p2)

Kabbalah of Love - Making Space (p3)

Kabbalah of Love - Loving Relationships (p4)

Kabbalah of Love - Acceptance (p5)

Education Vrs. Indoctrination

What is Religion, Truth & Faith (p1)

What is Religion, Truth & Faith (p2)

The Pangs of Cleansing (p1)

The Pangs of CLeansing (p2)

Mystical Meaning of War

Tuning In To a Godcast

Rabbi David Aaron is an astute visionary, a prolific, lucid writer and a soulful, invigorating educator. He is the founder and dean of Isralight, an international organization with centers and programs in Israel and throughout North America offering retreats, seminars, spiritual week-end getaways, intensive growth workshops, leadership training, trips and missions to Israel.