Jewish Beliefs & Philosophy

The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Ordeals

Historical Verification of the Torah - Standards & Prophecy (1 of 4)

Historical Verification of the Torah - Sinai & Miracles (2 of 4)

Historical Verification of the Torah - Revelation (3 of 4)

Historical Verification of the Torah - Higher Quality of Life (4 of 4)

#22 Conquering Frustration

The Scientific Case For Intelligent Design

Jews For Jesus?

New Years Eve - The Deeper Source of New Year Celebration

Judaism and The Art of Espresso Machine Maintenance

A Rational Approach To The Divine Origin of Judaism (video)

End of Days - End of Days

End of Days - The Messianic Age

End of Days - Why No Mention of World to Come (I)

End of Days - Why No Mention of World to Come (II)

End of Days - Why No Mention of World to Come (IV)

Ten Commandments - Introduction and Faith

Ten Commandments - Idolatry

Ten Commandments - Shabbat

Ten Commandments - Honoring Parents Intro

Ten Commandments - Honoring Parents - Laws

Ten Commandments - Coveting

The Mystery of the Jews (movie)

The Power of Illusion

Tisha B’Av - Why Mourning in Afternoon

Tzedaka - Charity


Vegetarianism & Jewish Eating

Avos, Roots of Prayer

Battle For Honour

Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife

Chumash and the Pattern of Five

Coveting and Malchus

Hashkafa Principles

Honor and Mockery

Illness and Healing

Leaping Land - Miraculous Journeys

Possessions - Jacob, Esav, Yissachar, Zevulun

Rainbows and Mirages

Speech and the Five Levels

Introduction To Gemara

Elu V’elu - Opposite Yet True ADVANCED

Four Problems of Speech ADVANCED

How Creation Continues On Shabbat ADVANCED

Homosexuality and Judaism

A Rational Approach to Judaism’s Divine Origin (mp3)

A Rational Approach to the Divinity of the Oral Tradition

Rational Approach To Divine Origin of The Oral Tradition (video)

Inner World - Defining One’s Role In Life

Why Be Jewish?

Personal Growth Vol. 1 - The Secret of Happiness (Part 1)

Genesis & The Big Bang Theory

Why Do People Hate The Jews?

Festivals I - Shavout - Seeing Sound

Misc. - Buddhism and Judaism (with David Gottlieb)

Beyond Intelligent Design (video)

Mysticism - Meaning & Mitzvos

5 Levels of Pleasure

Festivals I - Leaving Egypt - Freedom & Obligation

The Real Story of Christmas


Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen
Jewish Essentials

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz
Jewish Mysticism and more

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
Funny & Entertaining

Rabbi Noah Weinberg
Personal Growth (48 Ways To Wisdom)

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
Personal Growth + wide variety of topics

Rabbi Mordechai Becher
Wide variety of topics

Rabbi Berel Wein
Jewish History +

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb
Jewish Philosophy & more

Gila Manolson
Modesty & Relationships

Rabbi David Aaron
Kabbalah + more topics

Rabbi Binny Freedman
Inspiring Jewish Topics

Rabbi Dovid Kaplan
Variety of Jewish topics

Ken Spiro
Jewish History

Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald
Crash Course In Jewish Thought

Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky
How To Have A Better Marriage

Dr. David Pelcovitz
Positive Psychology and Personal Growth

Dr. David Rosmarin
Reducing Stress, Worry, and Depression