Personal Growth Vol. 1 - The Secret of Happiness (Part 1)

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By aribentzion on October 27, 2009 -- 1:27am

Happiness is a state of motion that depends partially on memory. Our conciousness filled by our soul needs pops up and pushes oneself toward a trend that might be considered our destiny. Our appreciation of hapiness consistenly depends in our desires and a sense of fullfillment of our duty in life. It might not be a matter of physical facts, but would certainly be a matter of peace and harmony of our soul and our mind against in the same direction to our body feelings. The pursue of happiness is important. Is It naturally pursued? or is one pushed by? that I do not know, whom is pushing from the inside to take one choice better than the best other alternative. Happiness and money is a matter of a point in space and time. You might have lots of money at a small island in the middle of no where, useless, just usefull to fuel a night fire to maintain me body warm in harmony. On the other hand,there are people with no know how whose horizon is uneven with others belongins they need more money to fullfill theirs, instead, others feel happiness by achieving higher levels by using what our creator has given as all resources to fullfill our soul,mind, and body. When we are happy we feel closer to what might be called a state of excellency. What might be good in our life. Goodness is ethernal if our memories shine toward the right notes which in any case our bodies are made of just as music traveling along space in motion.

By H.M. on February 18, 2010 -- 6:35am

wow- this is such an amazing perspective,the reality being that happiness comes from within. Thank you!

By Nini on August 28, 2010 -- 1:41am

I remember talking with the owner of this site years ago. I am glad to see it’s still up and thriving. This is a very wonderful lecture that everyone could use hearing, regardless of stance or religion. It is very wise.

Happiness from within is our goal. Some of us find it harder to obtain it that way, but it is doable with hard work and appreciation.

The comment By aribentzion on October 26, 2009
Needs some grammar editing for better understanding.

By Linda M. Cucher on September 4, 2010 -- 1:33am

This was exceptional for already religiously oriented individuals, Rabbi Rietti!  ....And I would so love it if you could create a presentation for our precious Jewish brothers and sisters who are lost to Judaism and a relationship with Hashem. In my mind I can already “hear” it being as evocative, clever, witty and meaningful as this one. It needs to be much shorter in duration for these folks to keep them in the game and really hit it out of the ballpark! You are the one to do it.  I would enthusiastically l use it in my work, send it all around cyberspace and be so grateful to you for you immense talent and powers of persuasion in the merit of Hashem.
Consider it?  Thanks!

By ela on November 28, 2010 -- 6:55pm

yes. . .
an attitude of gratitude!

By Arthur Greebler on July 2, 2011 -- 6:22am

Many years ago a composer (jewish) named Irving Berlin wrote a tender song called “Count Your Blessings”

When you’re worried and you can’t sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep
And you’ll fall asleep
Counting your blessings

Check it out. It re-stats the whole lecture.

By N S on April 17, 2012 -- 3:23am

Wow that is great wisdom in a very nice package. Thank you very much for sharing it. I feel happy already)) Shalom

By Allan Koven on July 9, 2012 -- 12:38pm

Opened up some very interesting perspectives on how we view the world around us. Thank you for the insight.

By Judah eastman on December 27, 2012 -- 12:32am

Very good to listen once a week check out my movie documentary.

By Test on April 5, 2013 -- 7:24pm

[email protected]

By Roseanne Pellegrini on April 26, 2013 -- 4:19pm

Yes, I agree that happiness is a state of motion that comes from knowing yourself and being true to yourself and when you are true to yourself, I think you set happiness in motion.  You are led in life to people and happenings that you were meant to be with and happenings you were meant to learn from.
I agree that money doesn’t buy happiness, that it can only enhance the already happy person’s life.
Money can bring happiness to the poverty stricken countries and ill that can’t afford to buy medicine also.  Money can do bad things in bad peoples hands and good things in good peoples hands.Yes, when we are happy and true to ourselves we feel and are closer to God and what the true meaning of God is which to me is love and connection to all things and people around us.
On the other hand, when our world around us is being threatened and people of all colors and domination are no longer free to carry out their destiny’s, I feel we all should have a strong obligation to make sure and to make sure loudly that we protest such an attack on us and our fellow man. We can no longer only think of ourselves.  We should think of the whole of mankind.  Remember, feeling happiness is love and connection to all around us.  I emphasis all.  I feel a sense of duty to get that back, to try and stop the ruination of what we love so dearly, our freedom to be free and to love one another openly. When there is no more justice, when the wrongs aren’t made right and people become complacent it is the beginning of the end.  We have to continue to fight for truth and justice and not sec om to evil.  I love the guote “Evil happens when good men do nothing”!!!!!!  We are in a war where evil is winning.  We need good to fight back and prevail.

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