Genesis & The Big Bang Theory

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By Stephen O'Dea on September 6, 2010 -- 7:16am

Wow, this is great!  Anyone who ever struggled with explaining why the Six Thousand years of the bible are so at odds with science, you must listen to this.
Tada and Shalom

By vivian on November 9, 2010 -- 12:50pm

It adds up ,it makes since ,he’s done his homework.                   
Good job.

By williejames on December 24, 2010 -- 1:10pm

my eye,s are getting wide open

By Doron Menashe on April 1, 2011 -- 11:29am

A brilliant lecture. Dr.Schroeder should try to communicate his ideas to as many as possible people, both academicians or open minded non academicians

Best wishes
Dr. Doron Menashe
Senior lecturer,
Faculty of law, Haifa university

By Jeru on April 11, 2011 -- 4:39pm

You are a great man. Thank you very much for your wise words, i respect your work deeply.

By Russell Mollot on May 19, 2011 -- 9:41am

I was familiar with much of the material from reading Dr. Schroder’s books.  But this well-
formulated, rock-solid presentation absolutely sent chills up my spine.  Amazing!

By yacov on June 10, 2011 -- 9:33am

Waiting for it to download

By derek williams on February 23, 2012 -- 9:21pm

an excellent lecture,which explained much to me and raised more questions. Thankyou

By sipon sohag on April 25, 2012 -- 3:49am

its a important side of science..

By zeid ameer on May 7, 2012 -- 7:26pm

I would like to have a copy of Thorah holy book in french language.
Thank if you could help me.

By eddy on July 29, 2012 -- 11:11am

this has been absolutely the best description of the age of the earth/universe i have ever heard. i have been brought up christian and the eplanationa typically given just didnt add up.

By jaewook chon on October 11, 2012 -- 3:45pm

extremely amazing

By Greg Deuble on January 4, 2014 -- 10:12am

I have found Gerald Schroeder’s books, lectures and material outstanding.  I love the way he combines the very best of modern science with Biblical commentary.  He has been very helpful to me in my interactions with my own family members and friends.  I am able to converse with greater confidence about the Creator of the Universe and the God of the Bile.  Thanks heaps!

By RB on January 8, 2014 -- 3:52am

Amazing!! Worth every minute! You have to really focus to follow the logic, but the ending gave me chills. He uses the theory of relativity and the constant expansion of the universe to explain how the Jewish concept of the age of the universe (roughly 6000 years + 6 days) equals the scientific concept of the age of the universe (15 billion years). Very cool!

By Linda on January 27, 2014 -- 10:47pm

Please refer to Aryeh Kaplan’s book Immortality, Resurrection, and the age of the Universe:  A Kabbalistic View. He refers to Rabbi Issac of Akko who some 700 years ago concluded that the world would be 15,340,500,000 years old. When I expressed my surprise to my Rav, pointed out that rabbis in the past were much wiser than we are today.

By Tracy on April 21, 2014 -- 9:46pm

Very interesting, and I plan on reading much more!

By Truthical on August 6, 2014 -- 10:15pm

Dr. Schroeder correctly stated that our belief system depend (my paraphrase) on the inclination of our own mind (or heart) .
Indeed scripture talks about a day being like a “thousand years”, but on Genesis 1:5 the Bible SPECIFICALLY states that ONE DAY, was divided between light, that was called DAY, and the darkness that was call NIGHT.  That to me is 24 hours, divided between light and darkness.  If one calls himself Bible believing, and think Genesis is open to translation, then ask, what part of the Bible do you believe in and what part do you reject.  There have been new scientific discoveries (refer to ICR,com or Intelligent Design) stemming from discoveries of soft elastic tissues from dinosaurS, and discoveries resulting from the eruption of Mt. Helens, etc.  BEST PROOF is : Elohims own words, read the book of Job , chapters 39- 41 from the Bible , of who this omnipotent God is.
Discover what God says about the “treasury of the snow,” just recently discovered by scientists, and how the earth hangs on space, etc.  Details not known scientifically until modern times. So ask yourself, “. Is anything impossible for an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God?”  To me it boils down,  to WHO do YOU believe!

By Neagle on June 6, 2015 -- 10:12am

This is very interesting.  I was never taught about the 5 days preceding Adam’s creation, nor did it even stand out to me before now, which is actually like a cold slap in the face, when you think of it, as it is now revealed.  It is right in front of us, but we overlook it.  We really need to learn to read between the lines, other than the conditioning that we are under.

By Paul Lifland, M.D. on September 17, 2015 -- 3:39am

I am a physician, so I have had my share of scientific study. But Science is Science and Faith is Faith. I know the universe is billions of years old but my faith tells me Genesis is correct. So where’s the conflict? I know I am right and right.

By Mary on January 21, 2016 -- 2:13am

You have a typo on this page. You say “the God of the Bile.” I’m sure you meant to say “the God of the Bible.” I would appreciate it if this were fixed, since it is God you are speaking of. Thank you.

By Joanne Chute on September 29, 2016 -- 11:03pm

Thanks for your explanation of creation and time.
I want to take notes and shorten your ideas.
Thanks Joanne

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