The Mystery of the Jews (movie)

Video by Member of the Tribe   

Who are the Jews? What impact have they had on the world? A powerful short film that reveals the real story behind "The Mystery of the Jews". With remarkable insights by renowned historians, world leaders and perceptive authors. "The Mystery of the Jews" challenges the normative conception of human history.

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By Chani on December 22, 2014 -- 2:05pm

This was a beautiful presentation!

By sh on January 26, 2015 -- 8:22am

ken spiro

By Fay & Ralph Loewenthal on January 28, 2015 -- 8:25am

This an amazing video. It is a pity that only the ones who know this already will even look at it. Can you imagine the impact if the world’s major news media would broadcast it?

By Zeta Birch on February 4, 2015 -- 10:03am

Thank you so much. That was really insightful.

By Lover of the Jewish People on February 16, 2015 -- 4:04am

What a beautiful presentation. Not only are the Jews blessed beyond any nation, race, or people, but what God has in store for them after the Messiah comes, will pale in comparison to any reward or acknowledgement they may have received from our imperfect and corrupted humanity. May God’s peace forever rest on His chosen people and on their ordained land of Israel! And to all the Jews I say thank you - for all of your great contributions to our world!

By Yael Berk on May 25, 2015 -- 7:34pm

This is a very nice overview of Jewish history and, as someone else commented, it is too bad more people will not hear/see it.  Thank you…I sent it to others who would appreciate it.

By Wayne on June 3, 2015 -- 3:04am

You need a real history lesson. The Jews (Judah) are but one tribe of the twelve tribes that make up Israel. Abraham and those before him and after him are Hebrew, not jews.

Before you heap too much praise upon them, you should study the history of Judah, the most divinely punished people on the planet for their wrong doings.

By Vivek on June 6, 2015 -- 12:03am

Can a person who is not born into a jewish family become a jew?

By Eliezer on June 17, 2015 -- 6:04pm

That was an amazing video. It makes you feel proud to be a Jew.

By kg on June 17, 2015 -- 9:16pm

it was wonderful.  BUT!

I don’t think it would benefit anyone if major news media broadcast it.

I am sending it to my as-yet-unaffiliated Jewish acquaintances, but also to my family and friends.  even us ffb’s could sometimes use some chizuk.

the only thing I thought was lacking was that, even though it was expressed through the visual, there was no mention verbally of the fact that the Torah and mitzvos are what have kept us all these centuries.  yes, it says that only Hashem could have done it, but the ones who didn’t keep the Torah, bottom line, no longer have Jewish descendants, in most cases.

otherwise, very powerful, very well done.

By Yisrael ben Yakov on June 18, 2015 -- 9:26am

Amazing video. Positive and inspiring quotes all contained in one presentation. Great job!

By A.T.Jeevanandam on July 3, 2015 -- 10:21am

Jews are chosen people of God Almighty

By Faezeh on July 9, 2015 -- 8:57am

Thats nice

By Mark on July 18, 2015 -- 11:26am

To my wife Gail, Gary, Stacy, Cindi, Stevie, Blain, Eddie, Nancy, Maulik, Jeanene, Kenneth and everyone else. Thank You for your help. I know now, how we survived.

By sabrina quattrini coen on July 30, 2015 -- 10:14am

Amazing. Is it possibile to have the trasnscription of the text both in english and italian?
Thank you

By June on August 14, 2015 -- 1:50pm

Wonderful video. Very uplifting. Almost brought me to
tears. I feel blessed, and so proud to be Jewish.

By June Schwartz on August 15, 2015 -- 10:16pm

This video was beautiful!  It almost brought me to tears.
I feel so blessed and proud to be Jewish.

By rodwell on September 11, 2015 -- 9:32am

I want to study more about the jewish

By Geoff Bockman on January 21, 2016 -- 5:54am

In response to the recent article regarding early times persecution of jews ......It doesn’t apply only to jews.
Given the extreme unlikelihood of there being any truth at all in any of the religious doctrines promoted on this planet, current and past,  the best, likely the only, means of solving the conflicts now disturbing peace on this planet the following is recommended.
Ban all religions should and prohibit all parties from promoting any unproven, nonsensical doctrines anywhere at any time.
If you can’t prove it you should never promote it!

By Meira Shayna bat Masche on February 10, 2016 -- 7:21am

My heart continues to fill with love and respect for all who came before me and who kept the faith so that I might live in a time of better, yet not total, peace as a Jew.

Shalom and blessings on making and sharing this video.

By mr thomson on February 11, 2016 -- 1:12pm

guys im speaking

By mrs navvsandhu on February 11, 2016 -- 6:22pm

he was very brave for saving them jews thats what i would have done tho no lie tho yess we need people like that in our world tho no lie

By YirmyYAH Yisra,EL on March 8, 2016 -- 12:33am

Back there in them days there was no J so it was no jews.Plus the real inhabitance of that part of Africa was black and is the true YisraEL .The chosen people of YAH of the Ancient book, The OLD TESTAMENT. what you are speaking is a LIE

By Marva Barr on March 13, 2016 -- 2:29am

Excellent presentation.What a Mighty God we serve. I shall be bringing this to the attention of possibly every one I know.

By annie on March 13, 2016 -- 7:13pm

Incredible movie, and Incredible People…  This world is blessed by them even being among us…  They chose to follow the One and Only G-D in the universe, and because of this, they are Blessed to be a Light to all the nations.  We are so sorry for the persecutions you have had to endure thru the ages… may HaShem bless you abundantly with Torah Truths and help you to rise above the things of this world…

By Iqbal Qayyum on March 15, 2016 -- 8:57am

Dear Sir,

The following comments make sense and it is worth looking into this to correct misconceptions on the origin of faiths. This will help in bringing harmony between communities. We should not be nervoise at arriving at the truth. In the integrated communities we live in now such a study cannot be ignored.

Studying frankly the developments of the main three faiths in the Middle East over 1,500 years ago one can conclude that Mohammed was a wise man with a vision for the future - a visionary.
He had all the materials from which to write the Koran. He knew of Moses’ Torah and Jesus’ Bible works and also of Buddha’s.
Mohammed like Jesus were wise men and both appreciated the wisdom of the earlier three wise men Moses, Buddha and Jesus.
Mohammed accepted their wise words and wrote guidleines from these for his ignorant Arab people to take his people out of the Dark Ages.
Mohammed was fully capable of writing / reciting the whole text of the Koran.
Buddha wrote an excellent book on living but he never said God had told him to write Buddhadharma.
We all even in our times borrow ideas form others - Mohammed / Moses did the same and wisely did so.
Studying Moses background one can also conclude that Moses was capable of writing the Torah by himself with his cabinet like Mohammed did.
There is a need to study these issues closley freely for then the Jews and Muslims will understand they are not special as Mohammed and Moses were like our wise people like Mr Cromwell, Mr Lincoln and Ms Besant who all led our country with progressive ideas so all citizens can live together in harmony.
God does not come into the picture at all.
Sticking to old ways blindly can only lead to misunderstanding and a lack of unity and is not what Jesus, Mohammed and Moses would want of our generation in 2016 when life has moved on from the distant times they lived in. The old wise people paying a visit to our times to see what their followers were upto would all cry together and feel ashamed at what their followers were upto following ideas blindly which were relevant to old times. They would agree they all had worked hard at great personal sacrifice to create / bring reason and understanding in a lawless world of their times. Over 1,500 years later to see such lawlessness between communities exist would tear their hearts apart and of their vision of a united mankind.
In our times we are not Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Ba’hais, etc. - But in simple words ‘Humans, citizens of the world beyond China, Israel, USA, Pakistan, UK, India, Palestine, etc.’. Having seen the reality of following ideas of old blindly in our times which the aged wise people of old would question it is time we all took a sensible step and come closer to be ready to hold hands and embrace one another in warmth and trust. This is expected of us now. Is this too difficult.
Children of any culture readily hold hands and laugh together in trust and hope. Becoming adults we are afarid to do so. What has happened to the charitable souls we had in our young days?
Can we have a look at the true facts behind the events of long long ago - the time has come to do so? Our old wise people would want us to do so. There is no reason to be scared in doing this study for as any sensible people will agree if new studies brings understanding and harmony will be for the good of all.

Sunyat Iqbal Mary Pushpa Levy Emeka Sorbonne Tatyana, [London, UK]

By jeremiah victirious on March 20, 2016 -- 12:44am

i am not a jew but i respect Je hover’s divine purpose for humanity as promised to Abraham. all men with rational mind knows that jews have a special place place before God of abraham

By Keith on April 21, 2016 -- 7:31am

Saul of Tarsus, a first century CE Jew who became “the apostle Paul” wrote a long letter to some fellow Jews and their Gentile friends who all had become persuaded that Jesus of Nazareth, another Jew, was indeed the promised Messiah.

Here’s an excerpt from that letter: “I say then, has God cast away His people? Certainly not! For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin…”

The rest of his letter, giving much more of his “take” on God’s plans and purposes for the Jews can be found in the “New Testament” writing commonly known as the epistle to the Romans.

By Anal Crabs on April 27, 2016 -- 5:12pm


By GİRAY on April 30, 2016 -- 11:07am

This is a story but where is reality?
where is Khazar State? 2. Jew state
Where is Ashkenazi jews?
Where is genetic origin
semitism semitic sami nation etc etc
Ashkenazi jews are belong to Turanic and Turkic origin
Green eyes and blue eyes is semitic hah hah ha
Please read Khazar state

By Peter on May 13, 2016 -- 10:12am

Interesting, most religions could put a similar video together

By colby on May 17, 2016 -- 5:03pm

yall the best

By FRANK HESSAMI on May 29, 2016 -- 2:24am

Beautiful reminder that you are the chosen people and you must be the light in this world of darkness. Thank you that was amazing.

By Darren Jack on June 3, 2016 -- 8:32pm

The secret, asked at the end of the video, is God. Not Jewish perseverance or strength, or something to be proud of. The whole purpose for God dispersing the Jews was to humble them. God hates pride.

He has regathered them again, because He promised He would. But there is a great humbling yet to occur for Jewish people in these last days.

The First Temple destruction and 70 years exile, was the result of worshiping false gods and idols, and child sacrifice. This doesn’t compare with the Second Temple and 2000 years of exile and persecution. So what even greater error did Jews commit before the Second Temple destruction?

Could it be that they rejected their Messiah and their God?

By Sara Venhuizen on June 5, 2016 -- 4:59pm

I love the Jewish nation, from them The Messiah Jesus Christ, God Himself in the flesh came and redeemed mankind and is alive in Heaven!

Galatians 3:28-29 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Glory to His Holy Name, Jesus Christ!

By Alma Henriquez on June 23, 2016 -- 12:06pm

As I was working on a project for an International Festival in our local Church, I chose Israel as my country of choice.  Many chose different countries, but I chose Israel as my country of choice.  Why?  My love for the Jewish people is rooted in my deep love for the Torah and the Bible.  My believe in Messiah keeps me wondering, waiting for His soon return.  Without the contribution of the many Jewish Books in the Bible, where would I be?  This video and lecture was so inspiring and so impressionable. In a time when everyone is defying and re-defining, G_d, and His laws, one cannot help but understand that it is HIS LAWS that are the blueprint for Humanity.  And while it is obvious, that one cannot keep the entire law in this land without offending one, the need for Messiah is ever so much more imminent.  I am a Christian.  I believe in Jesus Christ; I believe He came to save me.  He was not just a mere prophet, or man, but sent by God to redeem the world.  Abraham was His foreshadow.  Abraham dared to be different, and from Abraham, and because of His faith and obedience, we (Christians) are also under that covenant; but it is ONLY for those who Believe, even as Abraham believed God and it was counted unto Him as righteousness.  I am blessed to be engrafted into the family of God..and indebted to the Jewish people for this wonderful legacy.

By Robert Harrison on June 26, 2016 -- 6:49pm

Love it , A great video

By geela fagan on June 28, 2016 -- 2:23am

Very inspiring and thought provoking

By M. Reyna on July 9, 2016 -- 9:13pm

This War By Ishmael And Jacob’s Twin Bother Esau Started In The Middle East And It’s Going To End In The Middle East! The God Of Israel Shall Have Final Say So! Why Try To Understand The Spiritual{LIFE} With The Flesh? (death)

By Robert Irving Bowers on July 10, 2016 -- 11:35am

Love the history of the Jew.  I’ve been Jewish for my lifetime and I think it is the most fabulous religion in the whole wide world.  I would die for our religion as I love it.

Robert Irving Bowers (Bowsky)

By ClaireB on July 19, 2016 -- 4:09pm

really good video, factual truths. We were here a long time before Mohammed

By popeye on August 14, 2016 -- 9:53pm

Jews are doomed we see their demon face they are evil so evil yes we see and will defend all we hold dear, shiver rats shiver shiver.

By Lawrence on August 19, 2016 -- 2:32pm

How could white Mosses be in black Egypt and the Pharaoh not know he was Hebrew? This makes no sense.Jews are not White now and wasn’t white than.They are converts.Not the original Jews.Stop with the lies.

By Ian on September 13, 2016 -- 1:24pm


By mai on October 9, 2016 -- 5:14pm

I love you

By kian fort on November 21, 2016 -- 11:49am

I hate gays

By lilian on November 26, 2016 -- 5:15pm

Many thanks for writing this great content

By Antony B Gee on November 27, 2016 -- 11:12am

I was raised a Christian but thanks to my music teacher I have become very interested in the Jews. Consequently I have watched and listened to this film. I am left puzzled. Surely as preached in the Jewish faith the most important thing in life is ones relationship with ones fellow man. So, why is it necessary to wear a homburg hat, have ringlets, cut little boys and wear a skull cap. Wear in your books does it tell you to do these things? Surely, to be a good Jew one has simply treat others as one would wish to be treated, all else is useless pointless symbolism.

By j on November 30, 2016 -- 12:51pm


By Tendo Muyenje on June 10, 2017 -- 3:54pm

That was a beautiful video

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