Why Be Jewish? (video)

Video by Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky   

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By Annie on November 10, 2014 -- 10:42pm

A simple but profound expose on a life of purpose.

By BARRY WICKSMAN on January 20, 2015 -- 8:54am

What evidence is there that more than 100,000,000 Jews witnessed the revelation on Sinai? Archaeologists can’t find a single Jewish cup.

By Beverly Margolis-Kurtin on May 19, 2015 -- 11:13pm

This is possibly the worst video I’ve ever wrathed. The narrator is difficult to listen to, the art is so-so but worst of all it would never help me explain to a non-Jew why they should become Jewish.
It’s just my opinion, others may have found it to be wonderful.

By Yehudit on July 7, 2015 -- 2:07pm

Rabbi Orlofsky is fantastic! Hilarious, engaging and on-target.
Of course I’m _dying_ to know what he wrote on his father’s tombstone.


By D. Mills on July 27, 2015 -- 12:10am

Relevant, entertaining and, most importantly, educational on so many levels, I.e.: life, career, marriage, and reason for existence - even for us Christians. I will seek out more of the Rabbi’s MP3 sermons.

By Tzvi Tabakman on October 4, 2015 -- 1:29am

Does that mean the ramchal is a hedonist?
Does that mean you can pick and chose the parts of Yidishkite you like?
Are you ever in toronto and want to speak to youth there?

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