Ken Spiro


The Jewish Impact On Civilization

America & Jewish Values

The World of Abraham

Founder of Judaism

The Promised Land

The History of the Talmud

The Passion: A Historical Perspective

Why Study History of Judaism

The Bible as History

History of Judaism (crash course)

Isaac and His Sons




The Ten Plagues

Mount Sinai

The Golden Calf

The Tragedy of the Spies

Joshua & the Conquest of the Promised Land

The Miracle of Jewish History

The State of Israel

The Time of the Judges


The Final Solution

The Holocaust

The British Mandate

King Saul

Modern Zionism

The Face of Anti-Semitism

David: The Shepherd & The Warrior

David The King

Jewish Life in America

Return to the Land of Israel

King Solomon

The Czars and the Jews

Reform Movement

A Divided Nation

Pale of Settlement

Assyrian Conquest

The Hassidic Movement

Jews and the Founding of America

The End of Israel

The Kabbalists

Babylonian Exile

The Reformation and the Jews

The Jews of Poland

Purim in Persia

The Inquisition

The Black Death

The Second Temple

The Crusades

Blood Libel

The Great Assembly

The Jews of Spain

The Greek Empire

The Jews of Babylon

Greek Persecution

The Rise of Islam

From Paul to Constantine

The Revolt of the Maccabees

The Romans

Herod the Great

Seeds of Christianity

Hillel and Shammai


The Bar Kochba Revolt

Timeline: From Abraham to the Destruction of the Temple

The Great Revolt

War For Jerusalem

Destruction of the Temple

Timeline: From Abraham to the Founding of the State of Israel

The Enlightenment


Introduction to History


Moses and the Exodus

Desert Wanderings and Joshua


The Monarchy: Saul to Solomon

Divided Monarchy: End of First Temple

Babylonian Exile and the Purim Story

Early Second Temple Period

Coming of the Greeks

Maccabean Revolt & Chanuka


Bar Kochva Revolt and After

Rome & Herod

The Great Revolt

The Origin of Christianity

Transition to Exile: The Mishna & Talmud

Babylonian Jewry and the Geonim

Jews of Medieval Europe

The Crusades & Medieval Europe


Jews of Spain

Jews in Poland

Mysticism & False Messiahs

Chassidim & Misnagdim

Emancipation & The Reform Movement

Assimilation and Anti-Semitism

Jews in America

The End of European Jewry

Return to the Land of Israel

Zionism & The Struggle for Statehood

Modern Israel

The Bible and Archeology

Jewish Impact On The World

Worlds In Collision

Why Do People Hate The Jews?

Originally from New York, Rabbi Spiro’s education includes a degree in Russian Language and Literature, graduate studies at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow, a Masters Degree in History, and rabbinical ordination from Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children where he works as a senior lecturer and researcher for Aish HaTorah, and is a licensed tour guide.