Zionism & The Struggle for Statehood

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by Ken Spiro   

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By Chesky Stossel on April 5, 2013 -- 1:25pm

I really like your lessons, but i think that in this lesson you went to far, by calling the “baal shem tov” ‘just someone’ some hard working guy that didn’t knew much torah just had a good idea, first of All there is a seifer from him, but his talmudim who here known for ‘geonim’ say that hew knew “kol hatora kula”, second the vilner gaon did talk to the chasidim and talmudim, whatever you Are Misnagod or Not you should talk with great respect on things you can’t know, specially as they end up being perfect jews, even if big gadolim talk on Them in that days, it was because hey didn’t knew their real behavior.

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