The 7 Wonders of Jewish History

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By Chaya Bracha on October 14, 2010 -- 9:18am

This was wonderful lecture. What is the exact source for the idea that Jews will remain small in number. Rabbi Berger makes two references to this point. Thank you.

By Jude Manuel D'souza on November 24, 2010 -- 10:25pm

Hi I Jude am a sabbath keeper and the question i would like to ask is that why don’t the jew’s beleve in jesus , who has deceive the world about jesus how & why? and from where did the word Jesus come from can you please answer this question.
Thanks & Regard’s
Jude D’souza

By argie sapatosi on June 8, 2011 -- 9:01am

god is great

By Ari on July 3, 2011 -- 7:12pm

Great lecture but the audio narration and sub-topic introductions are annoying.

By Stan Hepner on December 17, 2012 -- 12:36am

While I found this interesting, it also came off as misleading. Scientifically, through DNA, there are more people of Jewish Ancestry than one would believe, even if it’s not recognized by the Halakha.

It’s even harder to determine since the Halakha differs by region and there has been internal “disagreements” within the Jewish population, as a whole, due to even minor differences in belief.

Also, converts from Judaism (in order to hide their identity and “avoid” persecution, though converting was giving into persecution, but that is a different discussion)and converts to Judaism from people who discovered their roots and wanted to better educate themselves, either by complete families or select individuals, would also make this number harder to pinpoint.

Which brings us to the next point, many people of Jewish heritage exist today, but many do not “exist” in the same form as their Jewish ancestors, however, that Semitic DNA makeup exists.

The same can be said for many of the empires that were brought up in “Longevity”, while many of them may not exist in their original state, they still exist. Neither has really outlived the other, and each has had its “dormant” phases in history, by individuals and by region.

In the section “Irrationality” Unfortunately that is something that no one has been free from experiencing. Even when there are no enemies, human nature is seems to lead us all to “create” enemies. This is due largely to people being “forced” to deal with strangers or strange customs and being taken out of their comfort zones. Everything and anything can cause the persecution of a people given the right circumstance. Jews have experienced this. Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Europeans, Natives from immigrants and immigrants from natives, etc. have all experienced this from one another and even within themselves where Class and caste will determine who is persecuted.

Unfortunately the Jewish community, where mixed with Jews of different backgrounds, has seen this as well with Paradesi, Cochin, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, converts that are not of Jewish decent, etc. where it is found that some even held others as slaves for some time and even had types of segregation within the communities.

Luckily, there are those who still held on to their humanity, in all races and backgrounds as shown in our own Yad Vashem.

Finally, as to the interdependence between Israel and Israeli’s, land that is fertile, without human intervention, is pretty much always naturally fertile, but if you have a people who do not know how to make use of the land, nothing will come of it. This has been shown throughout history with many lands and many nations to the present now, where we have crops growing in areas that are not native to them and people who know how to extract and make use of minerals.

Take Africa for example, much of it is full of precious gemstones, but it took the Dutch and other nations to go there to make the land prosperous. There are two ways that prosperity can go #1 It can be used for the benefit of all the people. #2 It can be used for the benefit of a select few. Unfortunately, that ugly side of human nature comes out again, as it has in the past and will probably in the future, and “sharing” of the wealth with all is not the option that is picked, but rather the hoarding for the few and making it beneficial for those who are like “us”. The same has been done to the people of Latin America, with some of the Richest land in the world, having Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, precious gemstones, amazing plant life and animals, but it took people from other nations to come in and make it prosperous, and again, unfortunately not prosperous for all, but prosperous for the few.

All, in all, it’s not a bad article, but as humans, I think it’s time that we take heed and move forward rather than repeat these atrocities over and over just with different people at the helm; I don’t think any nation should be taking turns with being the aggressor and repeating histories mistakes. “You can live for yourself today, or you can help build tomorrow for everyone.” This goes for every nation of the world. Many nations have “conquered” people and lands, but the worlds isn’t that much better than it’s ever been, it’s just more technologically advanced while fighting similar fights of the past.

I probably won’t be around to see this, but hopefully children or grandchildren will be able to live in a time where they can say “Wow, I can’t believe that this nation tried to exterminate these people, or that wars existed. While I feel bad for those people, I’m glad I’ve only read about this and heard stories, but that it doesn’t exist anywhere in our fruitful time.”

By Miriam Sambugaro on January 30, 2013 -- 2:49pm

God Bless you Jews! For from your roots came our salvation, which is in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!
Jesus Christ is the Messiah and when Israel see it, He, the Lord of Lords will come and make us one people, His people, the New Israel.

By Todd leek on March 26, 2013 -- 9:35pm

God must prevale against evil the human race must be pure dna (meaning the human race)and his goal for the future whatever thats yet to be know other than the book of revelation so why Jews? i wish i was Jew and lived in Isreal but being christian tells me im as good but history is behind us and the future is a new way of veiwing Gods purpose and being a jew can only wait and believe in the promises given to abraham

By UGO M.C OBI on May 3, 2013 -- 7:20pm

I stand with the jews!

By TAMIMA LEVIN on July 3, 2013 -- 5:43pm

Iwould like to be in contact

By matthew on October 10, 2013 -- 10:26am

who is god?where is god?

By Akiva on November 30, 2013 -- 4:51pm

According to the Book of Isiah ,
Because of their disobedience to God before the history to them is just repeated.
The new Heaven and Earth will come but the jews stay remain.

By Christie M Carman on April 28, 2014 -- 7:15am

I found this lecture interesting and informative. The one area that I believe was amiss is the section that covered some of the secular and even atheist “Jews” that had a great impact on the world and western civilization. Although they came from Jewish families, I don’t believe it is advisable to have pride with regard to these “Jews”, such as Marx, Freud, and others because those “Jews’ who forsook the Torah, G-d’s commandments, and belief in Him as the supernatural Creator, actually did great damage and brought about terrible harm to others by their atheistic ideas and philosophies.  In some respects a person who comes from a Jewish family and then forsakes Torah and belief in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as well as the commandments actually can become a very destructive influence, like no one else.  They might have had a powerful effect, but the nature and results of that effect, such as the millions that were persecuted and starved to death under communism and communist atheists are in my opinion not something to link/attribute to true Jews, who believe in G-d, the Torah, the covenant (s)/promises/agreements, and the divine and supernatural essence of the Most High G-d.  Instead, those many Jews who kept the faith and are still keeping the faith, as well as contributing in all areas of life in righteous ways should be mentioned and acknowledged instead.
I have wrestled with some of the ideologies and conflicts with Judaism and Jewish identity.  It is a hard and difficult road, especially with all the secular and religious ideas that are so prevalent today that conflict and oppose traditional Jewish beliefs.  To give in to G-dless secular beliefs and terminology, even though intellectually intriguing and novel, is really more of a sabotage and even a self-sabotage of both Judaism and Jewish identity, as well as identity in G-d-YHVH-Yahuvah-“Yah”.

By Kalappa Badiger on December 22, 2015 -- 9:27am

I am kalappa Badiger 37year old .working at Bangalore
Residing in k r puram. Karnataka state.  India .

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