A Rational Approach To The Divine Origin of Judaism (video)

Video by Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen   

By Really cool video on May 5, 2011 -- 6:21pm

Thank you very much, I see that you did a lot of work building the video to match Rabbi Kelemen’s conference, great work !!.
please convince Rabbi Kelemen to publish some more conferences like this one, and preferable available for download, streamming its not practical.

By Isaac Hanna on July 17, 2011 -- 1:33am

Christianity did NOT start with the revelation to Paul on the road to Damascus.  Yes, that event did take place, but when it happened Christianity was already a well established religion that had be started by Jesus Himself and passed on through the 11 apostles (12 if you count Matthias)Paul was persecuting Christians, or “followers of the Way” as they were then called, before his experience - He did not “discover Christianity” through that experience but rather was convinced of the truth of a religion that *already existed*

By Isaac Hanna on July 17, 2011 -- 2:40am

This is a very fascinating lecture - and makes a very good point.  And I think that this proof also works for Christianity because there was a mass revelation also.  What is missed about Christianity in this lecture is that Christianity did not start with Paul.  It started with Jesus.  There are multiple places in the Bible where the risen Jesus appeared to many different people.  During one such time Jesus appeared to over 500 people all at once.  The Christian religion is seen as the fulfillment of Judaism, we believe that Judaism is true and that all the prophecies were pointing to Jesus who was the promised Messiah.  Jesus came to earth and lived and died and rose again and was seen by many different people on many different occasions.  The apostles lived and died for their faith. Paul was only one of those who were important at the beginning of Christianity.  There was Peter and James and John, as well as many others.  All of these people, with the exception of John were murdered for their faith.  How could one explain the change in the disciples from the fearful group of people who deserted Jesus when He was sent to the cross into the bold proclaimers of the gospel who were willing to die for what they believed.  The only explanation is that they had proof that they were right, namely the fact that Jesus appeared to them in His resurrected state.

By Marlin Panther on February 25, 2012 -- 4:48pm

I wanted to listen to “Rational Approach to the Divine Origin of Judaism”.  But within the first 3 minutes two major errors occurred.  It said Paul was converted alone on the way to Damascus.  He was not alone.  He had companions who took him to Damascus after he became blind.  He did not convert on the spot.  It took at least 3 years.  He is not the founder of the Christian religion, Jesus is.  Jesus did not appear to Paul in front of him.  Jesus had not been dead for 30 years, either.  With these major mistakes, I had to stop the video.  I did not want to wonder how many other mistakes I might not catch by listening to the rest of the video.

By Umar on March 1, 2012 -- 5:28am


I came upon your website.  I am a Muslim.  I do believe the Torah is from God.

Your algorithm for analyzing the validity of Islam is not sufficient.  The Qur’an says to examine it rationally to consider if is from God or not.

So, I humbly and with love and friendship invite you to examine the Qur’an with an open mind and open heart.  Please check the first point for the rationality of Islam

for some reason it is not being allowed to be posted to your site but please google gary miller and basis of Muslim belief and modern religion

Please see the following website to catch a glimpse of the beauty of Islam by clicking on all the whole points.

Please google Ali Rafea and

Thanks and Peace!

By siponssohag on April 24, 2012 -- 1:42pm

i want to be a jew i love jews,, i will do all or the jews..

By sipon sohag on April 25, 2012 -- 3:22am

i like it very much, also love it….

By Dave on April 29, 2012 -- 4:42pm

Rabbi Kelemen seems unaware of the story of King Menashe, King Yoshiyahu and the priest. (see Radak on Kings 2:22:8)

He mentions he never heard a counter argument. I am surprised since it seems so simple.

By Jose Luis Muniz Leyton on June 2, 2013 -- 3:45am

It comforts me, that even if you take the must “rigorous” scientific approach to the Word of God, it defends itself like a lion, and it stands as the Absolute True. The Word of God is the Only solid foundation for righteous living.
Praise You, God of Israel.

By Andrew on November 22, 2013 -- 4:52pm

Buddhism is not a revealed religion. It is not to be believed. It is to be experienced. You should practice it before you make comments. You do not understand it.

By עידן on July 3, 2014 -- 10:20am

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By Alexander Ravenel, I I on September 20, 2014 -- 6:52pm

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By Daniel on October 8, 2014 -- 1:31am

You are incorrect with the start of Christianity.  Christianity did not begin with the conversion of Saul (Paul).  Christianity began when Judaism began with Genesis 1:1. It took root in Genesis 3:15 with the “seed of a woman” - the first Messianic prophecy of the virgin birth.
The announcement of the birth of the forerunning to Messiah, Yochanan ben Zachariah Cohen on Shavuot (8th day of 3rd month 3997 F.C.) by the angel Gavriel to Zecharyah while he was serving in the Temple burning incense serving in the order of Aviyah.  Zecharyah was struck deaf and mute after he questioned the angle regarding the birth being that he and Elisheva we old and had no children.  This was witnessed by all who were at the Feat since Zecharyah emerged from the Temple unable to speak or hear until after the birth of his son.  Yochanan ben Zachariah Cohen was born on the High Sabbath of the Feast of Unleavened Bread – the day we set a place for “Eliyahu” at the Passover table (15th day, 1st month of the aviv barley, 3998 F.C.)
Yeshua the Messiah was born in a Sukkah on the High Sabbath of the Feast of Sukkot on the 15th day, 7th month, 3998 F.C.  Yeshua began His ministry on the 20th day, 11th month, 4026 F.C.  He fulfilled the Sprint Feasts from Leviticus 23, all the Messianic prophecies, the healing of the sick, raising the dead, and many miracles that were witnessed by thousands who followed him. He was betrayed by the Pharisees, handed over to the Romans to be crucified, and rose from the dead on the 3rd day.  His life, ministry, and resurrection was witnessed by thousands who became believers and followed Him.
Saul, that you mentioned, was a Pharisee who studied under Gamaliel and came to put down the Messianic movement and even instigated the stoning of James.  On the road to Damascus, he was struck blind and heard the voice from the Messiah, believed, and chose to follow Him, but he was far from the first.  There is so much evidence that Yeshua is Messiah for anyone that chooses to search.  Your formula would possible work if you knew more about the ministry you seek to debunk but first you need to get your facts straight or you will miss the blessing and misinform many.
Christianity is the only religion that did not begin, as you stated, by one man having a vision.  Had it been so, it would have been easy to stop it. In fact, thousands witnessed the works of Messiah and it was impossible to stop the spread of His teachings however the evil one did manage to hijack and corrupt the faith through the Romans (much as he did the faith of the Jews through the teachings of the Pharisees).
Before the Romans, Christianity was a Jewish Messianic movement keeping Torah but rejecting the Oral laws of the Rabbis. In the 3rd century, the Romans took parts of Christianity under Emperor Constantine and replaced everything Jewish from the Feasts to Torah with pagan holidays and Replacement Theology including usurping the Pharisee belief that they sat on the seat of Moses and could make laws and change scriptures to mean what they like.  Rome gave this power to the popes and created what is Christianity today.
In these last days, we see the prophecies of Jeremiah 16:19-20 coming to light as the Gentiles are questioning the corrupted teachings introduced by Rome and returning to the Hebrew roots of the faith.  As Zechariah 8:23 states, the Gentiles are coming from every nation and grasping the tzitzit of the righteous Jew and saying “teach me”.  I recommend Rabbi that you humbly review your methods of “summing up” religions that you know so very little about.  There is a wealth of information for anyone willing to invest the time to seek.

By Yosef on December 23, 2014 -- 7:16pm

Dear Rabbi Keleman,

I just heard your amazing lecture on the topic “Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism”. I must say that you did a fantastic job. I had some comments which I wanted to discuss with you but I don’t want the post to be public. Is there a way I can post it as a private message?

Thank you,

By BARRY WICKSMAN on January 20, 2015 -- 3:14pm


By Betty on July 4, 2015 -- 9:22pm

Christianity did not begin with Paul. Christianity is based on the belief of a Messiah who, as promised in Genesis, would come to redeem the world from the bondage of sin.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is that Messiah.  Thirteen Jewish men (including Paul), believed Jesus, became his disciples and “we’re called Christans first at Antioch.”

By Luigi Caligiuri on January 15, 2016 -- 3:36pm

Rabbi Kelemen, I definitely agree with you that your National Revelation was Supernatural, the thing is if God only spoke one time, at one particular place and time, my question than is who organized this Revelation, who told the Jews to be there at Mt. Sinai to hear his word and be given the Torah, right? How did they know or who know it was to happen. Secondly, why only the Jews, why did God not announce it to the world, it is fair to say that if God did speak that more than a single man or group should hear Him, but The World as a whole! Peace! Thank You

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