Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz


Why a Good Time Never Lasts

Shabbos - The Real Existence

World of Action



Misc. - Buddhism and Judaism (with David Gottlieb)

The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Free Will - the Real You

The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Happiness

The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Getting High, Staying High

The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Faith

The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Jew, non-Jew & Intermarriage

The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Ordeals

Inner World - The Paradox of Individuality - 3 Levels

Inner World - Defining One’s Role In Life

Inner World - What Are You Doing Here?

Inner World - Seven Steps To Greatness

Inner World - Wasting Words, Wasting Time

Inner World - The Mishkan & Human Individuality

World Mask - Torah - The Cause of Reality

World Mask - Nature & Miracles: The 4 Levels

World Mask - Effort & Trust: The 5 Levels

World Mask - A Deeper Reality

World Mask - Silence

World Mask - Truth & Faith: Male & Female

Journey to the Self - Prayer

Journey to the Self - First things First: Correct Priorities

Journey to the Self - Blessings

Journey to the Self - Inspiration & Disappointment

Journey to the Self - Time & Timing

Journey to the Self - Greatness & Despair: The Danger of a Fall

Out of Egypt Passover to Shavuot - Miracle, Proofs & Human Knowledge

Out of Egypt Passover to Shavuot - Beyond Miracles

Out of Egypt Passover to Shavuot - The 974 Generations of Souls

Out of Egypt Passover to Shavuot - Balance, Harmony & The Source of Paradox

Out of Egypt Passover to Shavuot - Male - Female : Morality & Real Beauty

Out of Egypt Passover to Shavuot - Greater Than The Sum of The Parts

World of Speech - Medium & Message: Prophecy of Moses

World of Speech - The Word, The Ark & The Tower

World of Speech - Lashon Hora: Practical

World of Speech - Lashon Hora: The Deeper Mechanism

World of Speech - Eden, River, Garden - Root of Speech

World of Speech - Flattery, Rebuke & The Unborn Child

Levels of the Spirit - Paradox of the Spirit

Levels of the Spirit - The Real Giving

Levels of the Spirit - Torah of Abraham, Torah of Shem & Ever

Levels of the Spirit - Sins of the Great

Levels of the Spirit - Jacob, Esav & the meaning of Shabbat

Levels of the Spirit - Exile, Assimilation & Intermarriage

Marriage (part 1)

Marriage (part 2)

Mind and Will - Doubt & Certainty

Mind and Will - How One’s Free Will Affects Others

Mind and Will - Adam’s Sin: Sin as Mitzvah

Mind and Will - Foreknowledge & Free Will

Mind and Will - Beyond Freedom of Will

Mind and Will - Teshuva: Recreating the Personality

Higher Knowledge -  Da’as: Inner Knowledge

Higher Knowledge -  Desire: Root of Knowledge

Higher Knowledge -  The Root of Evil

Higher Knowledge -  Laughter

Higher Knowledge -  Idolatry and Astrology

Higher Knowledge -  The Principle of Resurrection

Festivals I - Shabbat - The Real Existence

Festivals I - Passover - Faster Than Time

Festivals I - Leaving Egypt - Freedom & Obligation

Festivals I - Closing of the Door - Prelude to Shavout

Festivals I - Shavout - Seeing Sound

Festivals I - 10 Commandments: 5 and 5 Parallel

Festivals II -  Elul: The place to be

Festivals II -  Rosh Hashana: Reaching the Root

Festivals II -  Rosh Hashana & Freedom of Will

Festivals II -  Judgment of Rosh Hashana

Festivals II -  Deeper than Teshuva

Festivals II -  Yom Kippur: Beyond the Impossible

Festivals III -  Purim & The Sin of Adam

Festivals III -  Chanukah: The Hidden Light

Festivals III -  Chanukah: Oil, Wick & Flame

Festivals III -  The Greek In Us (Chanukah & The 10th of Teves)

Festivals III -  The Month of Teves & The Tribe of Dan

Festivals III -  The Month of Tamuz & Correct Seeing

Chanuka: Miracles Before & After

Chanuka: Sun and Moon

Chanuka and The Midda of Hod

Chanuka: Western Mind, Torah Mind

Chanuka and The Oral Law

Chanuka: 3 Names and a Candle

The 13 Principles of Faith - Part 1

The 13 Principles of Faith - Part 2

The 13 Principles of Faith - Part 3

The 13 Principles of Faith - Part 4

The 13 Principles of Faith - Part 5

The 13 Principles of Faith - Part 6

Medical Halacha (Law) -  Principles of Medical Halacha

Medical Halacha (Law) -  The Twins Decision

Medical Halacha (Law) -  One Ventilator, Two Patients

Medical Halacha (Law) -  Dangerous Therapy - Risks in Medicine & Surgery

Medical Halacha (Law) -  Transplantation - Non Living Donors

Medical Halacha (Law) -  Transplantation - Living Donors & Recipient Issues

Medical Halacha (Law) -  Abortion

Medical Halacha (Law) - Euthanasia & Withholding Therapy

Misc. - Reincarnation & the Messianic Age

Misc. - Kindness

Why Things Happen

The Widow and Depression

Marriage: Mystical and Practical

The World To Come I

Root Forces

The World To Come - II

The World To Come - III


Suffering and Joy Part 1

Suffering and Joy Part 2

Understanding Free Will (video)

In a Word: The Power of Speech (video)

The Other Side of Crisis (video)

Chanuka and The Hidden Light (video)

Individuality (video)

End of Days - End of Days

End of Days - The Messianic Age

End of Days - Why No Mention of World to Come (I)

End of Days - Why No Mention of World to Come (II)

End of Days - Why No Mention of World to Come (III)

End of Days - Why No Mention of World to Come (IV)

Life Relationships - Male and Female

Life Relationships - Man and Woman - Together Apart

Life Relationships - Choosing a Marriage Partner

Life Relationships - Raising Children - Right Left Hands

Life Relationships - Rabbi and Student

Life Relationships - Leaders and Followers

Ten Commandments - Introduction and Faith

Ten Commandments - Idolatry

Ten Commandments - Shabbat

Ten Commandments - Honoring Parents Intro

Ten Commandments - Honoring Parents - Laws

Ten Commandments - Coveting

Festivals IV - Tisha B’av - Destruction of The Mind

Festivals IV - Chanuka - I Do I Atheism

Festivals IV - Purim - Doubt Certainty Revenge

Festivals IV - Esther’s Beauty

Festivals IV - Exodus, Miracles and Sinai

Festivals IV - The Extra Soul of Shabbat

Festivals V - Teshuva Tefilla Tzedaka

Festivals V - Rosh Hashanah and Community

Festivals V - RH to YK - Balance of Judgment

Festivals V - Succot - In the Shadow of Faith

Festivals V - Succot - Circles and Spirals

Festivals V - Hoshana Raba - The Quality of Emptiness

The Power of Illusion

Tzedaka - Charity


Vegetarianism & Jewish Eating

Avos, Roots of Prayer

Tisha B’Av - Why Mourning in Afternoon

Tisha B’Av - Destruction and Renewal

Tisha B’Av - Destruction of The Mind

Tisha B’Av - Why We Mourn for the Land

Battle For Honour

Bet Hamikdash - Three Named Before Birth

Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife

Chanuka - One and Seven

Chanuka and Purim - Two Sides of the Veil

Purim - Inversion and Turnaround

Purim - Reality and Illusion

Matza Becomes Mitzva

Pesach Sheni and Three Middot

Chumash and the Pattern of Five

Coveting and Malchus

History of the Oral Law

Honor and Mockery

Illness and Healing

Leaping Land - Miraculous Journeys

Possessions - Jacob, Esav, Yissachar, Zevulun

Rainbows and Mirages

Speech and the Five Levels

Introduction To Gemara

Elu V’elu - Opposite Yet True ADVANCED

How Creation Continues On Shabbat ADVANCED

Epidemics and Vaccinations (Medical) p1

Epidemics and Vaccinations (Torah) p2

Shabbat & Yom Tov - Journey & Destination

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied medicine at the University of Witwatersrand and graduated with distinction in surgery. He spent a year in St. Louis, Missouri, as an American Field Service Scholar and subsequently returned there for elective work in internal medicine at Washington University.

Dr. Tatz served as medical officer in the South African Defence force and completed a tour of duty on the Namibian border during the conflict there. He subsequently moved to Israel where he practised both in hospital and general medicine in Jerusalem, as well as engaging in Yeshiva study.

After practising medicine and studying in Yeshiva concurrently for some time, Dr. Tatz undertook a number of years of Talmudic study and later teaching in Jewish thought and medical ethics in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Dr. Tatz founded the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum, of which he is Director, for the purpose of teaching and promoting knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally.

He has written a number of books on the subject of Jewish thought and philosophy: Anatomy of a Search, which documents the process of transition from secular to observant lifestyles among modern Jews, Living Inspired, Worldmask, Letters to a Buddhist Jew, Will, Freedom, and Destiny, The Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life and Dangerous Disease and Dangerous Therapy in Jewish Medical Ethics: Principles and Practice.

Dr. Tatz is the co-author of Reb Simcha Speaks. His work has been translated into Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese.

He currently lectures on Jewish thought and medical ethics at the Jewish Learning Exchange in London and internationally.

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