Misc. - Buddhism and Judaism (with David Gottlieb)

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By Arthur Greebler on June 15, 2011 -- 5:40am

Have you ever heard so much discombobulated nonsence in one hour? David Gottleib who seems to have the time to enroll in a Buddist sanctuary while married, later realizes he has a Jewish soul…what ever that means. The second speaker who goes on and on about kaballah and spirituality did not stick to a single subject for more than 2 minutes at a time. But then again, I always thought the kabbalists were just making it up as they went along and you can’t compare on sentence to the next.

By Oscar Meijers on August 11, 2011 -- 1:48pm

I’m trying to reform Buddhism to this time…not all of the old 8 folded path is usefull any more, your lecture about the Sanhedrin changing something around 600 before Christ….was very Doubtfull!

But…we all learn…for the peace worldwide and Israel….A good friend though and I learned a Lot…knowledge is like a climbing ladder…each stair has to be taken carefully….

Thanks for first learning!

By Oscar Meijers on August 11, 2011 -- 1:56pm

The first 4 great principles will stay, even after enlightment…but the 8 others, have to change to understand how to end all suffering…the great principle of the Bodhistatva…!

So the most important one that I always used is:
The right proffesion…and always look at the sight effects of ones buissnes…do I cause harm for others with my actions….underneath that I promote simply the 10 commentmens…for marriage, sexual cleanety….and ofcoarse polygamy…if that is nescery…to inbetter relationships…it even might prevent divorce! (better comunication and happyness)...the keystones of life!


By Aviyah on August 29, 2011 -- 5:43pm

Loved his thoughts on idolatry (around the 30 minute mark)...

By Judy Goldstein on March 4, 2012 -- 3:59pm

I gave a copy of Letters to a Bhuddist Jew to my borhter.  He said that the Jew didn’t know very much about Bhuddism.  I spoke with him recently and found that we have no common ground to discuss our beliefs…there is no G-d because we are all G-d…ther is no afterlife because time is a creation of the human mind…there is no diality of soul and body.  He intends to be creamated because there is no reason not to.

By goodoldrebel on July 27, 2012 -- 6:00pm

Buddhism is still a form of idol worship. I presume this fascination with buddhism is from limited life experienced cognitive adolescents who know nothing about the east except this romanticized image of the dalai llama.

By Schomberg on June 8, 2013 -- 8:52pm

I went to a budhist acupuncturist who had buddha statues all over his clinic and decided to stop the treatment,  After a first trial, i went home feeling the avoda zara, made a viduy and went to the western wall.  even thinking of going to the mikhveh.  was i right?

By Been there, done that on December 8, 2014 -- 1:02am

Fascinating presentation by a “Buddist Jew” and 2 distinguished orthodox rabbis on similarities but more importantly crucial differences between these 2religions

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