The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Jew, non-Jew & Intermarriage

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By Nava on October 9, 2010 -- 8:07pm

Marriage is a spiritual bond.  Jew and non Jew do not have the same soul.  What our forefather’s has spoken to us, is not the same thing that was spoken to non Jews.  For our forefather’s were Jews speaking to us Jews.  It’s part of our covenant.  It’s a test for Jews to not have an awareness of what it means to be a Jew.  It’s not about being better or worse.  Just like some people can not see that animals and humans are different.  We are both species.  Some teach that humans have a animal nature, trying to combine them as being the same species.  Movies, that have talking animals.  Trying to make them out as being the same species.  The Jews and non Jew are not the same.  We can have wonderful relationships with non Jews.  We can date non Jews, we can have friendships and socialize with non Jews.  We just can not marry and come into a spiritual bond that only takes place through marriage, with someone who is not a Jew.  Christians believe their pain and suffering can be put on other people.  So a Jew marries a Christian, they will try to put their pain and suffering and sin on the Jew.  We are a link in a chain, our ancestor’s have had to suffer to be Jews. They had to die to be Jews, to not convert to be Christians to remain a Jew.  When our people have had a choice to die instead of becoming Christians, we would marry a non Jew willingly?  This is where we do not know why we are here today, how we are here today, because previous Jews had to die to remain Jews.  A converts soul is born anew to become a Jewish soul.  When a Jew is pulled out,(of an intermarriage or Christianity) it is to spare him of the pain and suffering and sins that Christians try to put upon them.  Because this is what Christians believe their pain and suffering and sins can be put on other people.  Whose a target in an interfaith marriage when a Jew marries a non Jew?  The Jew is the target, when no Jews being a target, than their pain, suffering and sins will be put upon each other, the non Jews.  There are some non Jews, may be Jews and just didn’t know they were Jews.  They really are not non Jews, they are Jews.  Because the Church at some time forced Jews to convert to Christianity.  And through the generations their being Jews were lost in membership through Churches.  Hard to tell when a Jew and non Jew wants to marry, if the non Jew is sincere in wanting to be a Jew or just wants to marry a Jew.  Summary of the summary.  To marry a non Jew will be willingly taking on pain, suffering and sins of the non Jew, for that is what they will be doing to you.  Plus the Torah tells us not to.  God sparing us of pain and suffering and sin when we pay heed to the teachings of God.

By Joanne on January 6, 2013 -- 6:42pm

Very interesting explanation on this topic of intermarriage for the Jewish people, I can understand why there are Jewish communities.

By Suzanne on February 2, 2014 -- 4:47am

Pretty great. Rabbi Tatz is mezmerizing as usual.

Now if I could only get my nieces who are dating non Jews to listen.

By dvora fairfield on April 11, 2016 -- 5:38am


Dear R"Tatz,

Is it true that marrano means pig?

Also, though I cannot prove it, I think I am from anousim from Italy, the Naples area. I find myself constantly in a spiritual tug-o-war that is difficult and quite stressful, given my situation.
Is there an answer for me?

thank you

By dvora fairfield on April 11, 2016 -- 5:42am


Is the Noahide person you mentioned David Davis? I spoke with him and his wife many years ago.

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