Festivals III -  Chanukah: The Hidden Light

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By William John Meegan on December 20, 2012 -- 2:33pm

Rabbi Akiva Tatz:

I am a Roman Catholic and I fully understand your talk on the hidden Light for I received it in June 1978 and my life has been based solely upon it.  All you say about this light is absolutely correct.  The desert that the soul experiences, after the Light had return to its spiritual abode, is the search for the understanding of that Light.

Recently, I published the third of a trilogy of esoteric resarch on this Light concerning Catholicism great art works; however, in Christian terminology.

My contemplative thoughts on Chanukah is as you point out that thirty-six is the aggragate of eight.  This number 36 represents the 3 & 6 signs of the Zodiac, which are Gemini and Virgo.  The Torah is received in Gemini and the Zodiac cannot move unless Virgo moves first.  The first decan of Virgo is COMMA, which in Hebrew means ‘desire’. TRUE DESIRE is the most powerful force in the world for it invokes the will of G-d.  In other words no one receives the Hidden Light unless they have TRUE DESIRE to know G-d.

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