Levels of the Spirit - Torah of Abraham, Torah of Shem & Ever

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By Chuna on August 8, 2011 -- 2:30am

Some Questions:
Why do we need to fulfill mitzvas with such meticulousness?  Why is Torah study and character perfection not enough?

AA deconstructed idolatry to find G-d but to say he brought monotheism to the world? What about Shem and Ever?  The people of his generation knew well about G-d.  Noah was around and he saw someone who knew Adam.  People knew about G-d.  So why is AA so special?

Also, why did the generation of AA try to kill him, but weren’t offended with Shem and Ever’s teachings?

Answer: What AA brought to the world was that the transcendent reality is really expressed in action, i.e. Torah and mitzvot.

Shem and Ever were only teaching the wisdom that transcends world.  AA was about tachlis.  ‘So here’s the truth. What does it mean I do now?  Serve G-d with all of my self, thought speech and deed…’  bring it into all parts of the body, which represents the world.

By Ayalah Haas on November 8, 2012 -- 5:19pm

THANK YOU, Rabbi Tatz!
I’ve listened to this shiur more than once. It’s simply one of the best I’ve ever heard.
What a concept: Mitzvot, not monotheism, is what Avraham Avinu introduced to the world.

May the Rav go from strength to strength.

By Reuven Stone on March 3, 2014 -- 8:31pm

Referring to Havdalah and going down for the sake of going up, isnt that an assertion of ego, assuming that one will be able to go up again? Shouldnt we be more humble about that?

Is it a midah kneged midah act of teshuva for Adam’s chet of going down for the sake of going up to show his love for Hashem?

Do we still have that greater neshoma at the time to push us off on that task?


By annie on April 29, 2016 -- 9:52am

Thank you Rabbi Tatz for this shir…  My question is this… how do we/i not live only “on the mountaintop” but come down from there and connect my physical with the spiritual after doing this for so long? 

It seems hard to understand how to bring the physical into a spiritual place…  i don’t want to live only on the mountaintop…  but to connect the two… not living only in the house of Shem and Ever… but in the house of Jacob… knowing how to connect the two, raising up HaShem in both worlds.. physical and spiritual…  (if that is explained correctly by me…) 

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