World Mask - Effort & Trust: The 5 Levels

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By Kal Gronvall on November 1, 2009 -- 6:30am

Really like the lecture, as I do all of them. Your whole site is a great blessing to me.

By Judah on February 2, 2014 -- 8:04pm

Great quote: “Virtually all the mitzvos are physical.  What sort of spiritual system is dependent on physical actions? That’s the way the world is built.  You don’t get there unless you engage the physicality. 

I once had a wonderful Rebbi who now lives in Manchester who said the physical world is the like the keyboard of a piano.  When you play the keys the music happens. The music doesn’t happen in the keys, the music happens deep inside the connections that the keys make, but you can’t get there without the keys. You can’t get into the spiritual world without the keys of your body in the physical world. You can’t get there without the physicality.

The word “mitzvah” in Hebrew. People think it means commandment but you know what the root of the word mitzvah is? Tzavta in Hebrew means together. Tzevet in Hebrew means a crew, people who function together. B’Tzavta echad means in one bond. Mitzvah means an action where you in the physical world become one with God in the spiritual world. That’s what a mitzvah really means. You press the key, He makes the music but He doesn’t make the music unless you hit the key. That’s the connection and therefore no matter how high a person is there is always an engaging of physicality.”

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