Festivals II -  Elul: The place to be

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By Miriam Fortune on August 30, 2010 -- 5:11am

what can I say, but inspiring,always life changing, If it is R’ Tatz it speeks to my souls.

thank you so much for giving this to the world who has ears to hear and eyes(inside and out)to see. P.S. I could write that about all of the Rabbi’s shiurim that I have downloaded.

By Hinda Cohen on August 30, 2011 -- 9:05pm

excellent lectures, and i am hypercritical of torah lectures.  You are one of my two favorites lecturers.  I love your tapes for their clarity, focus, and generosity of information.  Actually I have heard them all, I think, at least once, and own most of them. 

Nothing new for a while though..I’m waiting.

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