Festivals II -  Rosh Hashana: Reaching the Root

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By bracha meshchaninov on September 9, 2009 -- 12:01am

thanks for a wonderful class, as usual….

By Fefcoweb on September 24, 2009 -- 3:51am

Rosh Hashana – essential underlying meaning.
Can’t see deep just by observing details, need to attempt to reach the real purpose and meaning of the chalacha.
Beginning of the “thing” contains full potential of what “thing” can become, like seed.
Going back to the beginning, finding your root, retrieving lost connection to G-d.
Listening to the voice – not the words.  Sound of the Shofar – cry of the child.
Remembering promise that was made in the beginning – to be a tzadik (righteous person), not rasha (wicked person). 
Make a decision again, move your tree to the side of clean clear water of life, rebirth from that memory.

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