Journey to the Self - Prayer

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By DarrenZ on March 18, 2012 -- 1:48pm

As a BT trying to understand and grapple the concept of Prayer in Judaism, this lecture is one the most fundamental and practical classes I have heard. It delves into the depths of understanding why and how we should pray. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to add more meaning to their prayers.

By donald on June 3, 2015 -- 6:50pm

i pray that God should grant me self journey to my destination and grant me success of my interview Amen

By Gila on October 12, 2015 -- 3:57pm

Excellent, systematic working through of a very abstract and difficult, but so essentially fundamental topic - prayer. 

What I gained the most encouragement from was what Rabbi Tatz said about prayer almost right at the beginning of his Shiur.  To paraphrase: talking to an “Abstract” Being that we don’t see and saying words that we mouth to Someone we “believe” is listening is a very difficult thing for our generations to relate to in a western world that frowns upon such a practice.

The end of the Shiur was really awesome because it answered some very fundamental questions about prayer.

I had heard this Shiur before on tape, but I gained so much more after listening to it again.

Thank you for having this Shiur uploaded.

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