The Thinking Jew’s Guide To Life - Happiness

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By estie shapiro on May 12, 2010 -- 2:10am

very inspiring!

By Akiva ben Yishai on November 16, 2010 -- 7:53am

I was watching the sunset and feeling very melancholy for reasons I could not pinpoint.  I knew I had to do something so I came here and listened to R’ Tatz shiur on happiness—I had listened to several of his other shiurim in the past.  This shiur brought me directly to the problem I was not addressing—knowing that I have been on the wrong life track for some time, but not being strong enough to change it. R’Tatz explains the inner aspects of happiness and unhappiness here and every Jew should understand these teachings.

By Levy on February 17, 2011 -- 5:48am

Please EMAIL me about:
  Simcha and happiness
  Laughing and dancing
  in jewish faith
      Thanks ,

By Laz B on December 3, 2013 -- 5:02am

Have listened to your lectures over and over and always find something new. Thank you so much for posting these recordings. They have made me a better person.

By baron on July 16, 2014 -- 9:25pm

Wow! How can you not change after listening to the profound truth and wisdom of Torah/reality.

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