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By Ian Cook on May 19, 2013 -- 6:03pm

I am a Christian who is getting more & more into to the Jewish perspective of scripture and I thought Rabbi Tatz lecture on free will was intectually captivating. Blew my mind because I’ve never thought of it like that on that level. I recommend this website to anyone who wants a deeper look into your faith in the God of Israel.

By gene lubin on January 31, 2014 -- 11:16pm

brilliant dissertation on one of the absolutely most difficult subjects. I am overwhelmed, which is no small thing for me as I consider myself a pretty serious thinker and a well read student of philosophic matters. Thanks to Rabbi Tatz and

By GL on March 12, 2014 -- 2:45am

If we judge each person on his own level at his “nekudat habechira” then why does Halacha require certain punishments for certain aveirahs, shouldnt each person be judged on his own level?

By Marc Swerdloff on February 7, 2015 -- 12:20am

So if there are no preconditions allowed for a free will decision how is it different from a random decision?
Freely choosing between two or more alternatives after weighing the evidence is not predetermining the outcome.
The ability to weigh the evidence is necessarily based on the properties of the decision maker.
Knowing those pre-existing properties does not predetermine the outcome in a free system.
We are not zombies.

By Marc Swerdloff on February 7, 2015 -- 1:53am

I finished the whole lecture and get the genius of it. Thanks. Not random but free will.

By Miriam Bernal on July 1, 2015 -- 8:12pm

I find his lectures well beyond excellent. He has the gift of making difficult subjects easy to understand at everyone’s level.
Today was a rough day for me personally. I had just given his cd’s about intermarriage to a friend and she suggested I “listen to the new rabbi, you know the one you liked so much” and she told me she had found him in
I’m elated!

Keep pounding because we are listening!

Thanks so much!

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