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By Jose Luis Muniz Leyton on June 2, 2013 -- 5:44am

As we develop Loyalty to God, and fruits emerge, our Belief in Him increases without limit by His Grace.(Mat 16:13-17; Rom 7 & 8; Psalm 126)
Enjoy Rabbi Tattz teaching on Faith.

By Yehudit Chana on January 13, 2014 -- 4:37pm

I love Rabbi Tatz’s lectures, including this one. I have a few quibbles, however. The idea of a generation being 40 years for example,when for much of history people married in their teens and died before 40. 20 years would be much more realistic. Also, the demand for a witness to prophecy; we say that the whole people witnessed the giving of the first two commandments, but no one witnessed Moshe Rabbeinu’s other communications with HaKadosh Baruch Hu. For us, too, it comes down to a decision to believe or not.
Also, you say the strength of our devotion and willingness to die for faith is a sign of the power of the transmission; look at Muslims, also devoted and willing to die. Same for many Christians at various times.
In general, the message is clear and well delivered. Yasher koah and may you enjoy good health and long life to continue spreading light.

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