Jewish Impact On The World

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By Adam Redwine on May 17, 2010 -- 1:40am

The discussion of infanticide is very interesting.  I have heard many reports recently about sex selective abortion and infanticide in China.

I also like the bit about the ratio of destructive force to productive; I just got a job dismantling nuclear weapons and turning them into fuel for power plants.  I’m glad to do my little part.  smile

I was also caught by the statement that “you can’t cut down a fruit tree even in a time of war.”  I am curious how this applies to the Jewish settlers that have cut down the orchards of Muslims in Palestine.

Great talk, Rabbi Spiro is very thoughtful.

By keahi Felix on July 3, 2011 -- 10:15am

I found the historical contrast very instructive. And a lot to think about and be grateful for because of the Jewish perspective.

My one question which I have asked myself for many years is this.If God is infinite and spiritual,  why is this entity called God always referenced as he. The word he implies human gender and therefore of a material nature.

I’m not advocating that God be called she. Just reflecting that there should be another more appropriate form by which to “identify” I am who am.

It touches me to be linked to Jerusalem. I live in the Hawaiian Islands.

By avi menzelefsky on October 4, 2011 -- 11:39pm

awsome shiur!!!!!

By Atta Kofi Thomas on June 4, 2013 -- 1:28pm

What i can say is may Yahshua bless you with wisdom and strength to continue the word am from Ghana,blessed be to MESSIAH YASHUA.THOMAS

By yb on August 16, 2013 -- 8:51am

What an excellent audio, I listened to it while working… Keep it up, simpletoremember!

By Yolanta on February 9, 2014 -- 11:46pm

Good audio.

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