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by Ken Spiro   

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By James on February 25, 2013 -- 2:36pm

“They will just make the connection”, very “scholarly”. This is bad scholarship; nothing else can be excepted from Jewish Rabbis! I would suggest listening to Yassir Qadihis lectures on (Youtube) about Sira of Prophet to understand how this connection was made.

This whole lecture is full of generalization and incorrect information! I stopped listening to it, when I heard the sentence “90% of jews were living among the Arabs” which is funny and ridiculous at the same time; and evidence of that is ? Again I would say listen to Yasir Qadhi’s lecture of life of Prophet and how Arabs made their “connection” to Ismail and how Arab preserved their genealogy.

By Marco on March 30, 2013 -- 8:24pm

As a Muslim I found your lecture interesting and your perspective encouraging and refreshing. Of course, there were some points I disagreed with but overall it was an informative and enjoyable experience. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

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