Why Be Jewish?

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“Why Be Jewish?” is probably the most important mp3s you will ever listen to. “Why Be Jewish?” is the number one question every Jew should be able to answer.  After listening to this you will have the answer and a much deeper understanding of being Jewish.

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By Michal on March 21, 2010 -- 1:18am

Great speaker, made me think and laugh at the same time.

By Adam Redwine on April 21, 2010 -- 9:03am

Very nice presentation.  The Rabbi’s comments speak to all thinking persons and truly bring out why it is that religion does and should matter.

By Esther Elnadav on September 19, 2010 -- 12:30pm

If you want something to really think about this is it.(and it’s funny!)

By Keahi Felix on November 28, 2010 -- 3:48am

The Rabbi’s talk touches me in a deep place of recognition. I’ll listen to it again.
Thank you Simple To Remember

By nab on December 12, 2010 -- 3:42am

First time I heard him ever. He is very entertaining.  Great insight I will use with my children

By frieda levy on December 16, 2010 -- 12:13am

how beautiful! what a positive, optimistic, pleasurable way of looking at life-especially our own lives!  Thank you

By raiza on March 25, 2011 -- 9:01am

I hope Adonay will make us be prosper
and solve all problem in this world
many things appear as problem of world


By Gary on May 4, 2011 -- 12:09am

topics/thesis is not original or unique, but still worth listening to. thank you

By Jim (Yaachov): Dixon on May 15, 2011 -- 2:53am

The reason to be Jewish is to be closer to The Almighty/ The Holy One of Yisrael—- YHVH Tzavot.  It is important to be a part of His chosen People; to study the Tanakh & to obey & honor Him; to keep His Mitzvot & live a Just & Righteous life.

By S on August 13, 2011 -- 4:48pm

This was hilarious, and so intelligently put. I think every Jew should listen to it. It allows the listener to hear Rabbi Orlofsky’s smart solution to this seemingly unanswerable yet pertinent question, while having a laugh at the whole of world Jewry, whom this rabbi/comedian so aptly imitates.

By mucahit on August 18, 2011 -- 9:29pm


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Say: O ye who are Jews that you Zaaemtem parents to God without the people, then long for death if ye are truthful.

By Lisa on November 4, 2011 -- 4:27am

Took me back to remember my roots!

By Michael Goldstein on June 22, 2012 -- 1:22pm

This was the most amazing presentation of the Jewish idea I have heard. I have read Rabbi Sacks’ book “Letter in the Scroll” which is enlightning and I have tried to get through “Path of the Just”. But you, Rabbi Orlofsky shine!

All the way through I was so entertained-you truly have a gift of narration and I wondered where you will peak. Well, the peak came at the end and I was blown away.

By Brian McComas on July 19, 2012 -- 9:17am

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky was very amazing in this audio.  He both took serious issues and comedy and rolled it all around.  About every 3 to 5 minutes everyone would just laugh.  He holds your attention 100% and delivers serious messages with laughter.  I would love to go to Israel and follow him around and learn from him.

By Pete Moore on September 7, 2012 -- 11:27pm

“Why be Jewish?”

Sure, if you want to be a whiny, manipulative, race-obsessed Khazar-supplicant then “be a Jew”.

By Moses pratap on November 26, 2012 -- 6:11am

Its not a religion but lifestyle towards Almighty

By Moses pratap on November 26, 2012 -- 6:18am

It s the proof of truth

By al on March 21, 2013 -- 4:35am

so what if you are trying to be more religious and you don’t like it?

By benyayer joelle esther on May 3, 2013 -- 5:09pm

why ask god jew humor if not is kingdom so can everybody be a member of kingdom the star we are and we know im scaring to say some of our name exemplain i learn for ben yair lumiere joy that why we are jews to bring back light start with shabbat candle but also givre always food to our wife and our kids so they dont have do prostitute theyself for me not lot food no money no room but believe in god so why to be jew because we are special

By Marvin Mann on December 13, 2013 -- 11:52pm

Love it, perfect!

By Chandra on December 16, 2013 -- 6:10am

This was good, funny, enjoyable teaching on the reason we are alive as believing Jews.  I love this rabbincal approach in introducing the “Light” or Yeshua/Jesus and in the connection to the God of Avraham.  It also got me thinking again of taking a year off to study in Israel… something I’ve thought to do for some time.

By sudhir singh on February 20, 2014 -- 6:07pm

how jewish is differ to hindusm ..

By randy on February 25, 2014 -- 8:16pm

o brother, why such a longgggggggggg explanation. Can you just get to the bottom line, can someone who listened just sum it up

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