Mysticism - Meaning & Mitzvos

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By backpackerusa on August 23, 2010 -- 4:17am

This is in memory of the passing of Steven Harry Smith. After a long fight with heart disease, Steve left us on August 19, 2010.  He leaves behind 62 years of exceptional memories of travel, exploration and professionalism; He was a thought leader and a mentor. His is keen ability to assess business opportunities in technology and insightfulness as to positioning of products was astounding.  He was one of the first sales professionals for ADP and maintained a top performer status for over 15 years. He moved on to different products and services over his career.  Eventually, he finished his undergraduate degree at Queens College which lead him to Associate Professor Sales Programs at Russ Berry Institute, New Jersey. Our dear friend Steve leaves behind numerous dedicated friends and relatives (three sisters and two brothers).  He was a nature lover and found comfort in music every day.  May he rest in peace and may his family find comfort during this difficult time.

May the Almighty grant you blessings, success - and eternal life!


By Sheila on August 9, 2012 -- 4:24am

please ask that any one with a cough to either A. stay home or B. sit far away from the recorder. i would have loved to hear this without that guy hacking his lung up. :(
perhaps a clip on microphone next time around? very good sermon though!

By Ann Rodgers on September 6, 2013 -- 4:41pm

As a 74 year old retired person I have heard so many wonderful teachings that I wish I had as a younger person.  Now that I have found you I will enjoy listening more each day to your lectures…I was raised a little Baptist girl and grew up confused most of my life. I am finding that it is never to late to learn so thank you so very much.

By Irene on November 11, 2013 -- 5:55pm

The Q&A was absolutely wonderful, during which many of my unspoken were addressed.
*Abram was into 40’s before knowing G-d & didn’t bemoan loss of years.
*Open miracles limiting our free choice.
*moses was successful but couldn’t say it was all bc of his efforts—- reason he could be so humble.
Great teaching all the way through. Thank you for making it accessible to me! Deemed

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