5 Levels of Pleasure

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By Thanks on December 15, 2009 -- 1:41pm

You’ve brought Judaism into all of our homes.

By jewish on December 10, 2012 -- 8:56pm

Thanx, This speach changed my life!

By acil on January 2, 2013 -- 5:45pm

robi acihl

By ifeanyi on May 19, 2013 -- 5:29pm

I want you to know that your message has so inspired me. I listen to at least 2 of the messages every day and my view of live has changed.
I strongly believe that one must not be Jewish to learn from Jews or be a christian to learn from Christians

By alberto on January 4, 2014 -- 1:19pm

Thk you for your teaching and your voice is awsome .shalom

By Carmi on April 29, 2015 -- 7:32am

I have heard this shiur probably a hundred times, and will probably hear it another one hundred times in the future.  It is the most important shiur I have ever heard!

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