Jews For Jesus?


Are Jews for Jesus?
Ever wonder…
Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus?
What are Jewish objections to Jesus?
What is the Jewish view of Jesus?
Was Jesus the Jewish Messiah?
Why Jews rejected Jesus?
Why are Jews against Jesus?
Jesus through Jewish eyes?

All these questions are answered in about 1 minute and 40 seconds in this video.

The most famous of all Jewish-Christian debates was between the apostate Jew Pablo Christiani and Moses Nachmanides in Barcelona, Spain 1263 CE.

Nachmanides argued that the central issue separating Christianity and Judaism was not the issue of Jesus’ messiahship, but whether or not Jesus was divine. There was no basis in Judaism, Nahmanides said, for believing in the divinity of the Messiah or, indeed, of any man. To Nahmanides, it seemed most strange “that the Creator of heaven and earth resorted to the womb of a certain Jewess and grew there for nine months and was born as an infant, and afterwards grew up and was betrayed into the hands of his enemies who sentenced him to death and executed him, and that afterwards… he came to life and returned to his original place. The mind of a Jew, or any other person, cannot tolerate this.” Nahmanides told the Spanish monarch, “You have listened all your life to priests who have filled your brain and the marrow of your bones with this doctrine, and it has settled with you because of that accustomed habit.” Had King James heard these ideas propounded for the first time when he was already an adult, Nahmanides implied, he never would have accepted them.

For more information visit this page: Jews for Jesus

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By Randall Roth on December 5, 2010 -- 8:41am

I would like to point out that Jesus tought that he is the only way to the Father. Other religion says that you can get there by doing good.The Catholic and luthern churchs teach that also, so I dought that they are a good reference to true Christianity. Jesue never thought celibacy, however Paul did say it was better to stay single so that you could serve God, without your heart being divided between God and your spouse.furter more is it not a custom for a jewish man upon marriage that if his wife has no brothers that he becomes her fathers son.then if this is true that would explain the two genealogies. and thay both come from king David. Now the whole three in one God concept. Are we as humans not three in one? We are body, soul, and mind we are three in one. We are made in God image. He said let US make man in OUR image. IT can’t be much clearer than that.Thanks for your time and may God bless you richly. (PS thank you for the true Christmas story) Randall

By Jeffrey W on July 1, 2011 -- 6:03am

I am Jewish on my father’s side and Italian Catholic on my mother’s side, I consider myself a Protestant Christian and a follower of Jesus, now what do you think of the 5 Volumes by Michael L. Brown, a Jewish Believer in Jesus called “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus” read all 5 Volumes and let me know, worldwide, there are about 150,000 Jewish believers in Jesus, called Messianic Jews, and also among people who are Ethnically Half-Jewish worldwide like me, I wonder what percent of them accept Christ, like me… Since my mother is Gentile, I am an Italian Gentile Protestant Christian, Pro-Israel, and I have ABSOLUTE PROOF that Jesus is God and WAS the Promised Messiah, read also the book by Michael L. Brown “Our Hands are Stained with Blood”

By Jeffrey W on July 1, 2011 -- 6:08am

I sent a previous message, this is my ABSOLUTE IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Jesus was the Promised Jewish Messiah, I am Italian Catholic on my mother’s side and Jewish on my father’s side, I consider myself Protestant Christian, VERY Pro-Israel, the PROOF is NDE’s Near-Death Experiences, I have spoken to Kevin Williams of website, and I asked him if NDE’s prove that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, and he said that NDE’s of many Jews indeed do prove that Jesus WAS the Promised Jewish Messiah, and let me say these NDE’s are the REAL deal, Genuine Afterlife Experiences with the Spirit Realm and NOT merely “Hallucinations” or “Brain induced chemicals malfunctioning” the Real thing, the Skeptics are Wrong, NDE’s are Proof of he Afterlife, of life after death, thus JESUS was the Jewish Messiah and the 2nd person of the Trinity, I know this in my Heart as a Gentile who is Racially Half-Jewish and Pro-Israel, please respond to this and my first e-mail

By Dawne Caldwell on March 9, 2012 -- 5:02am

Elohim came to earth in the flesh to draw His creation back to him.  So mankind could know Him and have a person to person relationship with them beause He is love and came to get mankind through His love.  He chose to reveal His love and redemption in this way.  By Himself becoming the atoning sacrifice to cleanse away sin that separates man from a Holy God, He shed His own blood that is the propitiation for all mankinds sin.  Jew and Gentile.  God Himself, in the flesh, became our Messiah.

By John Travaglione on April 1, 2012 -- 7:19am

You should rename your website, “jews against Jesus” and not “Jews for Jesus”. The Jewish arguments claming that Jesus did not meet all the expectations of the promised Messiah are weak and prejudicial and not worth discussing. You want a warrior Messiah and not one that preached love, peace and salvation for the entire human race.  Remember that we are all made “in the image and likeness of God” and not just the Jewish people. I love you and support you as a nation surrounded by “people of hate and prejudice”. Pleae don’t revert to their nature by messaging the Old Testament prophecies in order to label anyone that is not a jew to be an infidel. Jesus is my Messiah - Lord and Savior - born of a Virgin and thus taking on a human form as the “new Adam” promised to save mankind and not condemn mankind. And after his Resurrection from the dead, He established his Church - the Catholic Church - as the “Ark of Salvation”. And when he taught his Apostles to pray to His Father (ABBA), he recited the “Our Father” and not “My Father” because the One True God is truly our common Father. I live in peace and am certain that death is the door to a “new beginning” because of the life, the preaching of God’s message, suffering, death and resurrection of the Messiah - Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary, Mother of the One Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - in three persons as indicated in many passages of the Old Testament and clearly stated in the New Testament. Have a meaningful Passover and Seder Meal but remember that the Old Testament belongs to Christians as well as Jews. The difference is that we firmly and rationally beleve that Christ, the Messiah, fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. As for peace and justice, they will be fulfilled in God’s good time and not when you decide as a Jewish nation awaiting a King and Warrior liberator. Christ, the Messiah, came to liberate us from the greatest injustice and obstacle of peace -SIN.

By alvaro on October 4, 2012 -- 6:42pm


By M on January 4, 2014 -- 12:10am

I too believed that Judaism doesn’t recognize Jesus at least to follow. I have since been made aware of at least one Jewish place of worship, Adat Adonai located in northern Ohio, that feels differently.

By Ann Wright on April 8, 2014 -- 3:44am

You cannot tell me that the Holy Son of God, who died for you by the way, could not be born any way He chooses. He simply chose to be a human and become one of us to prove how much he loves us by knowing exactly who and what we are in order to save us from our sins. It was a matter of his choice to do what he did and what he will do. You see, it would be a great risk to ignore this Jesus and discard his teachings as well as recognizing his deity. He fulfilled all the prophesys up to his second coming which were recorded by your own people. The facts stand on their own. Read the Bible!

By Ann Wright on April 8, 2014 -- 3:55am

Where are comments posted?

By Eric on August 20, 2014 -- 11:40am

If I were a Jew I wouldn’t believe in Jesus because Christians celebrate Good Friday. This is clearly not in fulfillment of the 3 day and 3 night prophecy of the Book of Jonah which Jesus referenced that he would be 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth, then arise to eternal life. Jesus died on the Preparation Day at 3pm as a paschal lamb would have been killed. He is the Paschal Lamb without blemish or spot.

Also, Jesus is a snake on a pole.  This isn’t preached enough. Moses held up a bronze snake on a pole for the Israelites to look at and be healed.  Jews need to see this connection from Christians. If Jews (and Christians) would only look at the raised up Jesus on a cross, and believe, they would not die. You must handle snakes and drink poison as a Christian. Mark tells us this. But instead of handling Jesus’s body(Bread) and drinking his Blood (poison),  Christian’s laugh at Mark and ridicule the snake on the pole Scripture references in Mark.  Stop Laughing!!  Will you mock the Savior of the World?

By Rajasunny on March 1, 2015 -- 10:03pm

pido rabino cambio mi realigcion me gusta yahud yahud es mejor realigicon

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