The Scientific Case For Intelligent Design


By Stewart on June 3, 2011 -- 4:43pm

A remarkable documentary. Well worth a watch.

By Gary on April 8, 2012 -- 6:34am

Thank you so much for posting this video! Every human with an open mind to the truth should watch this and see the awsome work of our great Creator,G-D!! Everyone who is honest enough to admit the truth can’t help but see G-D’s design in all there is. Thanks again!

By jhef on April 10, 2012 -- 2:53am

why the world is circle??

By Sofia Gelman on May 22, 2015 -- 2:29am

I’m a retired neurologist from former Russia. I wrote a book JIDS, awarded in 2013 in NY by International Prachin Foundation.  The book read one of the editors of The Jewish Journal Danielle Berrin, “Your book is noble, good for a movie.” People who read the book, “If you make a movie of it it could be better then Fiddler On The Roof”.  I’ve written many poems dedicated to Jews and about Jewish beliefs, morals and more…  I wrote many,many stories about my experience as a chief neurologist of city of Batumi, Georgia, Caucasus. Ican send everything by E-mail.323 851 7092 Sincerely, Sofia Gelman

By Sofia Gelman on May 22, 2015 -- 3:19am

  God’s Creatures

A little worm, a slug looks always disgusting,
To reach a goal it is persistent; it does not lose its cause;
Even between such creatures exists a kind of custom:
Even they grip tight to the earth looking for a spouse.

Then we see ugly caterpillars transformed into beautiful butterflies,
Millions of them fly in big clouds in search for warmth and food;
Annually they made courageous migrations for thousands of miles,
Only Mother Nature knows the secrets of their ability and roots.

Here we have the magnanimous lions, the kings of the fiercest beasts,
The iconic symbols because they are the only cats with a full mane,
Their social line of conduct is wide spread on an unknown list,
They maintain a life like those with a developed brain.

The most sensational news our scientists discovered about apes,
“Humans evolved from common ancestors we share with primates”,
They studied their intimidating behavior and resemblance in shape,
But the history has the same species that exist as God created.


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