20 Ideas For Mastering Serenity

1. Serenity is a choice that I make with my own mind.

2. I am resolved to master serenity. I will benefit in multiple ways from being calm and serene as my usual way of being. As I focus on those benefits, I will be more motivated to master this state.

3. This moment is the only moment that exists and this moment I choose to be calm and serene.

4. All stress comes from the thoughts in my mind. Therefore the thoughts of my mind can release stress right now. Whenever I realize that I feel stress, I will immediately flow to a calmer mental place.

5. Whatever I focus on gets strengthened. I am strengthening my ability to be calm and serene by focusing on it.

6. Every calm and serene moment adds up. Every time I am calm and serene it makes it easier for me to be this way more often.

7. I will consistently talk to myself and others calmly and serenely.

8. Even when I am not yet serene, I will be serenely unserene.

9. This too will upgrade my serenity. Serene moments upgrade my serenity. And challenging moments upgrade my serenity by mastering the ability to flow from unserenity to serenity.

10. The nine word serenity formula: Be totally in the present with a calm attitude.

11. Whatever happened 15 seconds ago is ancient history. Let it go.

12. No matter how much I have to do, I will do each thing calmly and serenely. This will enable me to take care of things faster and more wisely. I will be alert and will do things with appropriate speed.

13. I will be in a state of serene empowerment whenever I need to experience a sense of empowerment.

14. I will be in a state of being centered, focused, and flowing whenever challenges with other people arise.

15. I will remember times when I have been calm and serene. I will picture what I saw then. I will talk the way I talked then and I will feel the way I felt then.

16. I will mentally picture the most calm and serene scenes that I can imagine. Since these images are in my brain, I know that my brain is always with me and I can mentally go to these calm and serene places whenever I choose.

17. I will learn from every calm person I meet. I will learn from their attitudes and patterns of speaking. Whenever helpful, I will mentally put on the head of a calm and serene person. This will help me think like they think.

18. I will mentally prepare myself for challenges. Whenever I think of a challenging situation, I will mentally picture myself handling the challenge calmly and serenely. I will do this calmly and serenely. Every time I practice in my mind, this becomes more and more my actual reality.

19. Whenever I need to become calmer, I will breathe slowly and deeply and I will repeat over and over again, With each breath I am becoming calmer and more serene. Calmer and more serene.

20. Serene people accept what they cant change and change what they can. Stay calm and serene during your stay on this planet as you gain more wisdom about what you can and cant change.

© Rabbi Zelig Pliskin [based on “Serenity” by Rabbi Z. Pliskin]

by  Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Posted in: Personal Growth