Intermarriage… Why Not?

Currently 72% of the Jewish people today are
We lose approximately 100 Jews everyday to
intermarriage and assimilation.

*amongst non-orthodox American Jews

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Intermarriage has created a silent holocaust in this generation. Jewish re-identification and re-education will uncover the deepest treasures in one’s life. Intermarrying may have become fashionable, but it is still wrong and destructive. Judaism, its practices and faith have always been the source of our survival. Holocaust memories alone have not been enough to keep us together as a people. Jewish family life can be a source of pride, joy, and daily inspiration. Jewish education is the key to survival. Assimilation is an illusion to escape from who we are, but it only brings more problems. Survival depends on our efforts to accept and become who we really are. Interfaith marriages have one of the highest divorce rates. Genealogy and family history were always guarded in order to keep our people together.

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