Intermarriage - An Insider’s Perspective with Rabbi Eli Gewirtz

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By Ellen Greenberg on November 14, 2013 -- 5:02pm

Any time there is going to be an intermarriage, both parties should have discussed their views, feelings, etc. about being able to blend in both religions so that there isn’t constant bickering.  The fact that the father-in-law makes comments about the Jews, I am sure he made these comments before they got married.  That is something that should have been taken into consideration.  I know several couples that are able to make it work by having not only an understanding of each other’s religions but a respect for each other.  There is nothing wrong with a child growing up in a house where he/she is exposed to both. This woman should have looked at the big picture rather than just have been “starry eyed”.  My daughter is one half of an interfaith marriage.  My son-in-law lights the chanukah candles and they do have a xmas tree.  Our grandchild will grow up understanding both faiths and having respect for both.  Key words…..tolerance and respect.  This woman really does sound like she has no respect for her husband or his beliefs but would like him to be unconditional about hers.

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