Applewhite Theorem

* Applewhite Theorem: (a) People are gullible and will believe anything, even claims that demand painful or suicidal observances; (b) as long as the claim cannot be checked.

(Applewhite Theorem based on Marshall Applewhite & his cult “Heaven’s Gate”)

Marshall Applewhite
Heaven’s Gate cult leader

From Heaven’s Gate Web Site: Overview of Present Mission

The documents contained in our book present a running account of materials we have printed and published in relationship to our mission on this planet, spanning the past two decades.

To help you understand who we are, we have taken the liberty to express a brief synopsis in the vernacular of a popular “science fiction” entertainment series. Most readers in the late 20th Century will certainly recognize the intended parallels. It is really quite interesting to see how the context of fiction can often open the mind to advanced possibilities which are, in reality, quite close to fact.

Excerpt from Extraterrestrials Return with Final Warning
(located in Section 5):

“An ‘away team’ from an Evolutionary Level Above
    Human, an ‘Admiral,’ and His ‘Captain’ and crew, during
    the 1920’s to 1950’s picked and prepped the human bodies
    which they would wear for the task we are about to
    describe.  They came into those bodies in the 1970’s -
    the Admiral and Captain first.  They began rounding up
    their crew in ‘75 and assisting them in the process of
    entering and taking charge of their own assigned human
    bodies. They called their crew together by means of a
    public statement and meetings (over about a 9-month
    period).  The media, typically hastily judging them,
    tagged them the ‘UFO Cult,’ because of their
    expectation of leaving aboard a spacecraft (UFO) at the
    completion of their task.  The Two then took the ones
    who followed them into seclusion, completely separate
    from the world for almost 17 years, not only completing
    their ‘awakening’ or adjustment to their human bodies
    and this primitive civilization, but also took them
    through a ‘metamorphic’ classroom experience of
    changing over their consciousness and behavior to match
    with that of their distant culture from whence they had



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