Recommended Reading to Correctly Understand Christianity

  The Real Messiah - A Jewish Response to Missionaries  Spanish version (free pdf version)
Aryeh Kaplan
National Conference of Synagogue Youth/
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, 1997
ISBN 1-879016-11-7 (Paperback)

  “You Are My Witness: The Traditional Jewish Response to Christian Missionaries”  (free pdf file by Yisroel C. Blumenthal)

You Take Jesus, I’ll Take God How to Refute Christian Missionaries
Samuel Levine
Hamoroh Press, 1980
ISBN 0-9604754-1-9 (Paperback)

Judaism’s Truth Answers the Missionaries
Beth Moshe
Bloc Publishing Co, 1987
ISBN 0-8197-0520-9 (Hardback)
ISBN 0-8197-0515-2 (Paperback)

The Jew and the Christian Missionary: A Jewish Response to Missionary Christianity
Gerald Sigal
Ktav Publishing House, 1981
ISBN: 0-87068-886-3

Their Hollow Inheritance A Comprehensive Refutation of Christian Missionaries
Michoel Drazin
Second Edition - evised, Corrected, Expanded
G.M. Publications, Israel, 1990
ISBN 965-229-070-X
(Distributed by Feldheim Publishers)

The Mythmaker - Paul and the Invention of Christianity
Hyam Maccoby
Barnes & Noble, 1986
ISBN 0-76070-787-1 (Hardcover)

We Are Not Going To Burn In Hell: A Jewish Response to Christianity
S. J. Greenstein
Biblically Speaking Publications, 1996
No ISBN given

Antisemitism in the New Testament
Lillian C. Freudmann
University Press of America, 1994
ISBN 0-8191-9294-5 (Cloth)
ISBN 0-8191-9295-3 (Paper)

Christian Antisemitism - A History of Hate
William Nicholls
Jason Aronson Inc, 1993
ISBN 0-87668-398-7 (Hardcover)
ISBN 1-56821-519-3 (Softcover)

The Case Against Christianity
Michael Martin
Temple University Press, 1991
ISBN 0-87722-767-5 (Paperback)

The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: The Effect of Early Christological Controversies on the Text of the New Testament
Bart D. Ehrman
Oxford University Press, 1993
ISBN 0-19-508078-5 (Hardback)
ISBN 0-19-510279-7 (Paperback)

Gospel Fictions
Randel Helms
Prometheus Books, 1988
ISBN (invalid) 0-08975-464-8 (Paperback)

Faith Strengthened: The Jewish Answer to Christianity
translated by Moses Mocatta
Sepher-Hermon Press, Inc, 1970,
ISBN: 87203-062-8 (Paperback)

The Path of the Righteous Gentile
Chaim Clorfene and Yakov Rogalsky.
Philipp Feldheim, October 1987
ISBN: 087306433X

The Christ: A Critical Review and Analysis of the Evidence of His Existence
John E. Remsberg
Promethean Books, (October 1994)
ISBN: 0879759240 (Hardcover)
Ordained To Be A Jew: A Catholic Priest’s Conversion to Judaism
John David Scalamonti
Ktav Publishing House, 1992
ISBN 0-88125-412-6

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