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What are we doing Wrong & What are they doing Right?  Direct Download

In this provocative lecture, Rabbi Singer explains why organizations like Jews for Jesus have succeeded in the last two decades where the church has failed in the last two millennia. Rabbi Singer will explore the methodology behind the intense effort to evangelize our people and examine what makes the conversion attractive to Jews that would otherwise resist. What are the new techniques, and why the Jews?

How do Missionaries Paint Jesus into the Jewish Scriptures?  Direct Download

This is a fascinating program where Rabbi Singer demonstrates how missionaries use the Jewish scriptures for the purpose of evangelizing and ultimately converting the Jewish people to Christianity. He illustrates how verses in the Hebrew Scriptures are manipulated, misquoted taken out of context, mistranslated, and even invented by overzealous missionaries in order to make Tanach appear as though it is speaking about Jesus.

Sin and Atonement : Who Needs the Blood?  Direct Download

There is no article of faith that is more central to the Church than the belief in the atoning value of Jesus’ sacrificial death at Calvary. Missionaries never miss an opportunity to point out the inability to expiate sin “without the shedding of blood.” Is this claim really true? In this crucial lecture, Rabbi Singer compares the concepts of sin and atonement as set forth by Christianity and Judaism utilizing a thorough presentation of their biblical sources.

The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 - part 1  Direct Download

There is no chapter in the Hebrew Bible that missionaries point to with greater confidence than these well-known passages that describe the Suffering Servant. They insist that anyone who reads this chapter will be convinced that the prophet clearly spoke of Jesus of Nazareth. In this two-part lecture, Rabbi Singer illustrates how the fourth Servant Song of Isaiah has been completely misapplied by these overzealous missionaries.

The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 - part 2  Direct Download

This passionate presentation of the fifty third chapter of Isaiah continues as Rabbi Tovia Singer explores what is perhaps the most misunderstood chapter in the Jewish scriptures.

The Law of Moses & the New Covenant  Direct Download

Were the Mitzvoth (commandments), transmitted by Moses, intended by God to be observed for all time, or temporarily? Missionaries contend that Jews no longer need to keep the mitzvoth because Jesus fulfilled them, and we are now under the New Covenant. Are these claims valid? Do they accurately portray the message of the Jewish scriptures? Rabbi Singer answers these questions in this must-listen-to program.

The Trinity  Direct Download

No area of Jewish literature could be more inhospitable to the Christian doctrine of a triune godhead than the Hebrew Bible. It is on the strength of our Torah and Prophets that the Jew has preserved the commandment to worship one, single, unique Creator God Who alone is worthy of devotion. While missionaries argue that they believe in “one” God, a cursory examination of their teachings reveals that what they maintain is indistinguishable from the Trinitarian dogma the Church has been espousing for 16 centuries. Learn how missionaries engage in biblical acrobatics in order to demonstrate that the doctrine of the Trinity can be proven from Tanach.

Daniel Nines 70 Weeks  

There is no article of faith that is more central to the Church than the belief in the atoning value of Jesus sacrificial death at Calvary. Missionaries never miss an opportunity to point out the inability to expiate sin without the shedding of blood. Is this claim really true? In this crucial lecture, Rabbi Singer compares the concepts of sin and atonement as set forth by Christianity and Judaism utilizing a thorough presentation of their biblical sources.

 Direct Download
Confused Texts and Testimonies – part 1  


This two-part program is quite a departure from its predecessors. Rather than responding to points made by missionaries, this presentation takes the offensive presentation, raising questions about Christendom’s most fundamental teachings. Rabbi Singer carefully explains why Jesus is ineligible to be the messiah, and probes Jesus’ troubling genecology.

Confused Texts and Testimonies – part 2  Direct Download

The driving theme of this two-part program continues as Rabbi Singer critically examines the irreconcilable resurrection stories in the New Testament.

The Oral Law – part 1  


More than 3,300 years ago, God transmitted to Moses both the Written and Oral Law. What is the Oral Law and why was it transmitted that way? Missionaries claim that although the Written Law is the word of God, the Oral Law was a mischievous invention of the rabbis! Is this claim really true or is the Oral Law divinely inspired?


Oral Law – part 2

 Direct Download

What is the evidence for the Oral Law? What does the Bible really say? Rabbi Singer answers these questions and explores some of Judaism’s most remarkable teachings in this closing segment on the Oral Law.

Bethlehem and the Messiah: What’s the Connection?  Direct Download

Christian missionaries contend that the birthplace of Jesus was foretold by the Jewish prophet Micah. Is this assertion true? Does the fifth chapter of the Book of Micah indeed foretell that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem ? In this exciting lecture, Rabbi Singer carefully examines this claim and surveys the evolution of Christian systematic theology.

Who is the Messiah?  Direct Download

In this groundbreaking lecture, Rabbi Tovia Singer carefully homes in on the fundamental underpinnings of the Jewish-Christian debate. This program begins by examining the claim that Genesis 49:10 clearly testifies that the Jewish people are never to be without a Davidic king. In essence, missionaries charge that Judaism is essentially a defective religion,  lacking a king, sacrifices, or high priest as outlined in the Bible. Is this claim valid? Finally, Rabbi Singer probes the fundamental theological issues that separate Judaism from her younger rival.

Judaism and Christianity on Satan: Why we Differ  Direct Download

In this provocative presentation, Rabbi Singer delves into one of the most crucial theological differences between Judaism and the Church: Satan and Original Sin. Missionaries insist that man is totally depraved as a result of Satan’s unyielding power in the world, and man’s only hope for eternal salvation is through the Cross. Is this claim true? What does Judaism teach about Satan? Utilizing a thorough presentation of Jewish and Christian sources, Rabbi Singer examines why Judaism and Christianity differ on the subject of Satan.

The Lord said to my Lord –Who does the Lord Speak of in Psalm 110?   Direct Download

The deliberate mistranslation of the first verse of 110th Psalm dates back to the first century and is found in the Christian Gospels. The confusion created by the Christianization of this Hebrew text was further perpetuated and promulgated by most Christian translators of the Bible. Find out how missionaries paint Jesus in Tanach by twisting a single Hebrew word in the Bible.

Kiss the Son?   Direct Download

Although only one word in Psalm 2:12 was changed, the alteration was sufficient to portray the Psalmist as instructing the faithful to kiss Jesus. How could such a strange suggestion find itself in Christian translations of the Jewish Bible? Rabbi Singer reveals how an Aramaic interpolation created a very bizarre Christological text.

Who was Pierced in Zechariah 12:10?   Direct Download

Was Jesus’ crucifixion prophesied in the Book of Zechariah? Jews for Jesus thinks so. Learn how the Book of John went so far as to alter the Zechariah’s own words in order to support his Passion story.

Paul & the Christian Corruption of the Jewish Scriptures  Direct Download

While both Matthew and Paul quoted extensively from Tanach in order to support their teachings, only Paul would successfully persuade his audience. The Book of Matthew was written for a Jewish audience. As a result, Matthew’s mission largely failed among the people he sought to convert because the Jews were repelled by his wild exploitation of Tanach. Paul’s venture, on the other hand, was enormously successful. The minister to the gentiles was preaching to audiences that were completely illiterate, and lacked the ability to discern between genuine Judaism and Bible-tampering. Rabbi Singer demonstrates how Paul corrupted the Jewish scriptures in order to both undermine the Torah, and advance his new, sweeping doctrines that would lay the foundation for Christian theology.

Bearers of the Torch! An Encounter With Mt. Sinai  Direct Download

For the past 2,000 years, the church loudly declared that the unique role of the Jews as guardians of the sacred scriptures and witnesses to the divine oracles of God has ended. As if with one voice, the Church Fathers and Reformers insisted that the commandments prescribed in the Torah became obsolete, and the Jewish people are lost, wallowing in spiritual blindness because they rejected the Cross. Is this a legitimate claim? The Bible declares that the role of the Chosen People is eternal and we are mandated to be “witnesses” for all time. What did we witness? How can we bear testimony? In this extraordinary presentation, Rabbi Singer answers these questions as he takes his audience on an unusual study exploring the unique covenantal role of the Jewish people throughout history.

Rabbi Singer Answer Questions from the Audience part 1
 Direct Download
Rabbi Singer Answer Questions from the Audience part 2
 Direct Download

Rabbi Singer’s audiences love the freestyle question and answer period that follows each of his programs. Because both Jews and Christians attend all of his presentations, no one in the audience knows what to expect from the questions asked or from the biblical journey Rabbi Singer may lead you on with his answers which delve into areas of the Bible and history that are often not included in his lectures.

Gibson’s Passion Crucified the Jews  Direct Download

Why did the age-old Christian charge of deicide thrive as the Church’s most enduring accusation against the Jews? Did Mel Gibson’s blockbuster film resurrect a devastating, anti-Semitic portrayal of the Jewish people? In this presentation, Rabbi Tovia Singer explores the world’s longest hatred as he delve into the bitter teaching of contempt that permeated Christian societies.


View of Christianity

 Direct Download

Is the Church playing a central role in the grand scheme of God? Why did Christianity thrive among the masses while other religions faded away? What do the rabbis say about the most popular religion in the world? In this lecture, Rabbi Singer unravels the role of Christendom in the final redemption.

Does the Talmud Condone Murder, Pedophilia, & Idolatry?   Direct Download

In a shocking assault on Judaism, anti-Semitic groups make a forceful argument that the Talmud, the sacred compendium of the Oral Torah, advocates the vilest crimes known to man. Tragically, these despicable allegations are made by both Christian and Moslem anti-Semites. How is it possible to slander this revered tome which contains the sacred moral foundation of the Jewish faith? In this eye-opening presentation, Rabbi Singer steps forward to expose some of the most vicious and deceptive charges made against the sages of Israel . He demonstrates how statement in the Talmud are manipulated and misquoted by anti-Semites in order to slander the children of Israel.


Slander of Israel & its Trigger for Anti-Semitism

 Direct Download

Rabbi Singer exposes how leading journalists deliberately manipulate their news coverage on the Middle East conflict in order to depict Israel as an apartheid state that brutalizes an innocent Palestinian society. These biased reporters lack objectivity, and rarely portray Israel as a democratic, peace-loving nation whose citizens are the victims of relentless Arab terror. Instead, media giants like the BBC repeatedly manipulate “facts,” and as a result, its broadcasts act like propaganda, effectively turning public opinion against Israel and the Jewish people.


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