An Exercise For Increasing Happiness and Confidence

Applying this exercise will enhance your life. If you have trouble recalling positive experiences, you can gain from this exercise by picturing hypothetical experiences and this can serve as a resource for the future.  Spend sufficient time on each part of the exercise to have a positive emotional feeling even if a slight one.  With repetition it will become easier to evoke positive emotional responses.  Modify these exercises to fit your individual needs.

1)  Recall an instance when you felt calm and relaxed (such as on a trip or vacation).  Try to relive that experience by remembering as many details as possible.

2)  Remember at least three of the most positive experiences you have had during your life.  Recall as many details as possible.  Actually relive the emotional feelings that you had at that time.

3)  Remember at least one instance when you were successful in doing something.  Picture yourself in the situation and feel some of the original pleasure.

4)  Recall an act of kindness you did for someone.  Feel pleasure in having performed it.

5)  Recall an instance when you controlled an impulse such as overcoming a desire or an instance when you refrained form saying something.

6)  Think of a positive trait you have or that someone you respect said you have.

7)  Recall an instance when you felt inner strength and confidence.  Try to experience that feeling by recalling the instance as vividly as possible.  Make a cue that will help you remember the instance.

8)  Think of something positive you would like to do.  Imagine yourself actually doing it.

9)  Think of something nice you can say to someone or do for someone.  Imagine yourself actually saying or doing it.

10) Think of something you can do for self-improvement.  Picture yourself actually improving.

Anyone may reprint the exercise on this page and distribute it free of charge as long as source and copyright is acknowledged: from Gateway To Happiness, (c), Rabbi Zelig Pliskin.

by  Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Posted in: Personal Growth