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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt:
Convincing Evidence of the Truths of Judaism

This book was written for the Jew who seeks evidence and proofs that the principal beliefs of Judaism are indeed true. Readable and friendly, inspiring and refreshing, this book presents the main issues of Judaism in depth. It includes

* Compelling evidence to there being a Creator
* Evidence to the Divine origin of our Torah
* The spiritual soul and the World To Come
* Divine guidance throughout Jewish history.





A Wholly Life:
Spiritual Integration of Mind, Body, and Soul

A thought-provoking, lucid perspective on integrating mind, body, and soul in Judaism. As the trend to explore spirituality grows, many soul-searchers find that their own Jewish spirituality is little understood and ambiguous. But Judaism is a wellspring of holiness and inspiration for those who tap into it.

Jewish spirituality allows for the integration of the whole person, empowering us to use all the gifts that G-d has given us. This unique collection of fascinating essays, explore the many facets of Jewish spirituality by some of today's great Jewish thinkers. An authentic vision of Jewish spirituality in practice. With an introduction by Senator Joseph Lieberman.

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Why Marry Jewish:
Surprising Reasons for Jews to Marry Jews

By Doron Kornbluth

It's a question many young singles have asked themselves at one point or another. Here are some very convincing answers to the question.

Author Doron Kornbluth presents some hard-and-fast evidence that will educate and enlighten. Citing dozens of research studies, he shows how inter-faith marriages affect not only the couple's relationship, but their children's futures, their family dynamics, and their own personal happiness. This is an intellectually stimulating, eye-opening book that will challenge you to think deeper about who you are—and what you want from life.




The Death of Cupid:
Reclaiming the Wisdom of Love, Dating, Romance and Marriage

Written for people of all faiths and backgrounds and speaks equally to singles
and couples in search of lasting love.

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The Parenting Path


Learn how to become a better parent with expert psychologist


Dr. David Pelcovitz and his Father Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz.



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