The most G*d-like act in the world is healing. Because sickness and
brokenness is of this world, but healing is from Heaven. According to
our holy tradition, when Abraham circumcised himself, he was filled
with pain.  Then on the third day, G-d came and taught him the secret
of healing.

According to our holy tradition, every doctor has heavenly energy
—an angel who goes with him to cure. With a little doctor goes a little
angel and with a big doctor, a bigger angel. The better the doctor, the
greater the angel, the greater the heavenly energy he is bringing down.

Something is happening in medicine today. It has shifted from being less
refined to becoming more heavenly. According to our holy tradition,
exile is when earth is separated from heaven, redemption is when they
become close again.

Torah is like chiropractic—one little zetz and you’re fixed. But medicine
that ignores the spirit is always looking here and there for a complete
and total cure. There was a time when medicine treated only the body
—ignoring, even destroying the soul. But now there’s a tremendous
awakening—an awareness that healing must be for the body and for
the soul.

In our holy tradition, the shift began with the Holy Baal Shem Tov. All
these holy masters were holy healers—curing the body via the soul.
A body without G*d and without yiddishkeit is not only just sick, it’s
barely alive. I bless you all to celebrate the ultimate healing of the
world. May it be soon!

by  Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
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