The paradox of our time in history is that…

We have taller buildingsbut shorter tempers
Wider freeways but narrower viewpoints
We spend morebut we have less
We buy more but enjoy it less
We have bigger housesand smaller families
More conveniences but less time
More degrees but less sense
More knowledge but less judgment
More experts but more problems
More medicine but less well-being
We have multiplied our possessionsbut reduced our values
We talk too much but listen too little
We’ve learned how to make a big livingbut not a life
We’ve added years to lifenot life to years
We’ve been all the way to the moon but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbor
We’ve conquered outer space but not inner space
We’ve cleaned up the air but polluted the soul
We’ve split the atombut not our prejudice
We have higher incomes but lower morals
These are the days of two incomes but more divorce
Of fancier houses but broken homes
There is much in the showroomand little in the stockroom
We’ve become long on quantitybut short on quality

© Casper Centre - The South African Board of Jewish Education, From the Fact Sheet “Shabbat”, Sept. 1999

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