When morality is gone, values are no longer instilled and consumerism becomes the religion of the masses we step back and look at the results with one word on our minds…WHAT?!


 Sesame Street to get HIV Muppet
 Get Yourself Sick & Win Prize TV Game Show
 Starvation Summit & Gourmet food?
 Jedi ‘religion’ Grows In Australia
 13 Children Commit Murder Every Day in U.S.
 Mayor Punches Councilman At Meeting
 Five-Year-Old Brings Marijuana to School
 “Sport” Of Competitive Food Eating
 Nursery Rhymes Not For Children
 Confessions of Real Criminals - TV Show
 Chimpanzees To Testify In Court
 Judge Arrested For Pimping
 Lesbians Have Kid, Purchased a Donor Online
 Nudist Park Opens Summer Camp for 11-18yr-old Age Group
 Kill Blacks, Latinos & Jews Video Game
 Children Named after Popular Cars, Perfumes and Drinks
 Drink Detective - Test Your Drink for Drug Rape Drugs
 “My Boyfriend’s Out of Town” T-Shirt
 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender High School
 Miss Plastic Surgery Contest
 Mother Used 10-yr-Old Daughter as Designated Driver
 Junior High School Trip To Hooters
 Shoplifter Flees Leaving His Baby At Store
 Man Bites Dog
 29% Of High School Boys Have A Gun
 Over-The-Counter Viagra Drink Sold In Clubs
 Rodent-Brain Research Explains Why Couples Cheat
 Latest Must-Have Fashion: Eyeball Jewelry
 Baby Born Drunk
 New Museum Piece: Soccer Star Asleep Video
 Just Part of The Culture Now?
 New Greeting-Card Line For Adulterers
 70% of TV is Sexual Content
 35.7% of all births in the country out of wedlock
 Japan Opens “Baby Hatch” for Disposing Unwanted Babies

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