The Validity of The Torah

If we find the Torah irrelevant when trying to determine our humanity and how to attain it, we must ask where the fault lies. Is it possible that this document, which has nurtured the soul of man throughout recorded time, has nothing of interest to say on a subject that so troubles our spirit? It founded the lives of the most skeptical and scholarly people in history for thousands of years, and profoundly affected the worldview of every nation which came in contact with it. What will explain this relentless, penetrating influence?
Kagan, 16 (The Jewish Self)

Lawrence Kelemen was awarded his undergraduate degree at U.C.L.A. and did graduate studies at Harvard.  He wrote a thesis to disprove all religions. When he came across the traditional claim of Judaism he could not disprove it. He traveled to the Middle East to conduct 12 years of post graduate field research.  A summary of some of his work can be found below.

Proof Torah is True (article)

A Rational Approach to the Divine Origin of the Torah

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Rational Approach to the Divinity of the Oral Tradition

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by Lawrence Kelemen (more tapes & articles)

Having received his Ph.D. in mathematical logic at Brandeis University,
Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb went on to become Professor of Philosophy
at Johns Hopkins University. Today he is a senior faculty member at
Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. An accomplished author and lecturer,
Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb has electrified audiences with his stimulating and
energetic presentations on ethical and philosophical issues.

He is the author of “Living Up To The Truth” and “Reason to Believe” (recently released) in which he shows that there is sufficient evidence to warrant basing one’s life on the truth of the Torah.
It is available in the following formats:

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 AUDIO: Historical Verification of The Torah

 Standards & Prophecy (1 of 4  (download)
 Sinai & Miracles (2 of 4)  (download)
 Revelation (3 of 4)  (download)
 Higher Quality of Life (4 of 4)   (download)

by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb (more tapes & articles)

What support is there for the claim that God spoke to all the Jewish people at the foot of Mount Sinai?

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The transmission of Torah, from Moses until today, is an unbroken chain of 120 generations.

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The great success of Jewish tradition is the meticulous transmission of the Torah text. But actually how accurate is it?

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Is there an objective, scientifically valid proof that God is orchestrating history?

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There is now new DNA evidence for common Jewish origin—not just among Cohanim, the Priestly Class, but among Jews scattered all over the globe.

 Jewish Genetics

Is there validity to bible criticism?

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Evidence of the Divine Origin of the Torah

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