The 8th Wonder of the World

Most people are not even familiar with what the first 7 are, even though we use the expression all the time.
Actually, you have a choice.
If you prefer the “Ancient” 7 Wonders of the World, you have the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which you should stop by and see next time you’re in Iraq, and of course, the ever popular Mausoleum of Halicanassus.
Don’t like the “Ancient” ones? Then you can pick from the not so ancient ones like the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China or the Coliseum (the one in Rome, not Los Angeles).
Of course, there’s always the 7 “Natural” Wonders such as the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest or the “Manmade” Wonders such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chunnel or the London Sewage System (you can’t make this stuff up).
In total, there are almost 50 different “Wonders” that have made it onto one of several official 7 Wonders lists.
But what single item should qualify as the EIGHTH Wonder of the World? Allow me to suggest a few:
1. The World - the Universe and all it contains.
2. A Newborn Child - understanding that it developed from two individual half-cells into a functioning body of 10 trillion cells at the time of birth.
3. A Fruit Seed - containing not only the billions of instructions it needs to develop roots, a tree with branches, leaves and fruit but also all of the apparatus to accomplish it.
4. Food - the fact that there are 7 billion people in the world, 90% of whom eat every day and the Earth has not run out of meat, fish, poultry, water, apples, wheat and chocolate.
5. The Human Mind - with its ability to interpolate, extrapolate, innovate, create, remember, forget, reason, control and emote.
6. E=mc2 - the formula that helped unlock one of the secrets of the Universe and changed the course of mankind and history.
7. The Higgs Boson - not because anyone really knows what it is, what it does or what it means but because it hints at the existence of a Super Being Creator Who obviously knew what He was doing all along.
8. My Children. And my Wife. Not necessarily in that order.
Wanna vote?

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Comments icon August 16, 2012


By My thoughts? on August 21, 2012 -- 12:09am

Time after time, Judaism prevailed with nothing short of miracles.
Jesus’es shortcomings insofar as the Torah is concerned is non-existent.How can the Author be beholding to the words in a book which are only alive because of Him and by Authority of God Himself who said I will send My Branch and Salvation will no longer be just for the Jew but Gentile as well.
His Body that was felled by a dead religion, a religion that thought even in those days that dogma was more important than mercy, and the instruments to accomplish it,the Romans. According to Christ, the romans only had the power God gave to them.
That body, His Temple was raised by God who has reserved a special place in the New Heaven and New Earth that of Judge.
Moses didn’t bring to the Israelites Miracles to impress but to save the people God Loved.
But it is Moses’s faith and Abraham’s faith that God Loved.
Isaiah said that God would make them blind so they won’t see Him. It starts with faith, and that can only happen when you become like a little child, believing, hoping without ever seeing.
Jesus’ birth for all purposes would have been drawn through his stepfather, here on earth.
Not through God whose son he was, because even David bowed to his Lord when he was a King.
He was bowing to the Branch that was there from the beginning.
But if Scripture is used to refute, Christ’s King hood, then surely the Maccabean Kings should not be celebrated as priest Kings because Jacob said kings would come through Judah, and after Saul that was it.
The priests would come from Moses and Aaaron’s Family, levites.
So if anyone wants to measure the letter than surely the Maccabeans must not be heroes, but rather usurpers of God’s plan for Israel.

By Chana on August 26, 2012 -- 8:33pm

How aboutt the Torah, which contains all the wisdom of the world?

By victor abel on December 29, 2012 -- 9:20am

you are very correct,but you are leaving out one thing and that is the BRIAN,which can be likened to a micro-chip of a computer.THE MASTER.

By Dmitry on August 28, 2014 -- 12:14pm

What mean 8 sides of the World if to add to this that Egypt piramid 4 sides-triangles + rotate piramid through squar and 2 piramides together visible as 8 sides ?

By jyoti on December 21, 2014 -- 5:58pm

the wisdom books (no one is reading/following )
the Gita , vedas, upanishads
the Bible
the Talmud
the avesta
the Tao
the Koran
the origin of species

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