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Playing the Odds

I’m not a betting man but I know something about “The Odds”.
For example, if I had to pick a number between one and ten, the odds against picking the right number is ten to one. One number out of five thousand, the odds are five thousand to one.
Two out of five thousand? The odds are exponentially higher.
Three out of five thousand? I begin to lose count.
Four out of five thousand and the odds are off the chart.
In other words, if someone told me that they could guess right four times out of four from a field of five thousand items, I would say they’re either crazy, a genius or very lucky.
Three thousand years ago, three-quarters of the globe remained unexplored. Nobody knew what existed in Australia, in South America, in the northernmost regions of Alaska or in the wilds of Africa.
Yet, the bible goes out of its way to state that there is only one specie of mammal, anywhere in the world, that has a split hoof but doesn’t chew its cud. And the Bible names it – it’s called the pig.
And lo and behold, the Bible is right.
Okay. Easy stuff. One out of five thousand mammals and it “guessed” right.
Then it names three other animals and says that these are the only ones in the world that DO chew their cud but DON’T have split hooves.
And lo and behold, it gets it right again.
Maybe it’s a fix. A setup. Maybe the One who wrote those lines also created all of the animals of the world so there’s nothing special about the prediction. He already knew!

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