A Distant Prayer

Judaism teaches us that after a person leaves this world, there’s a place where the soul goes to watch over the loved ones left behind.

A friend of mine was taken from us early. I can only imagine that his prayer goes something like this:

I can see you, but I cannot touch you.
I can hear you, but I cannot answer. I can watch you grow, but I cannot teach you.
I cannot attend your school play or show you how to hit a baseball but I will swell with pride when you excel.
I cannot help you choose a mate, but I will be there when you wed.
I cannot bless you on Friday nights, but I will put in a good word for you with the Source of all blessings.
I can still sense your hugs and can hear you giggle.
I will rejoice at your triumphs and I will hurt when you hurt.
I won’t be with you when you cry out to Gd. I will be with Him and we will both be listening.
I will always be your father.
And as sure as I was always there when you needed me, our Father in heaven will always be there when you need Him.
Live life. Everyday.
Take care of your mother.
Be good. Be happy. Make me proud.
I can’t wait to greet you, but not too soon.

I love you.

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by   Max Anteby

Comments icon December 14, 2010


By Julian on December 16, 2010 -- 1:43pm

Great, thank you.
The world is much more beautiful because of words like yours.

By yasmeen on April 9, 2011 -- 3:58am

how sweet and touching.

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