All Wet

Caterpillars turn into butterflies. Tadpoles into frogs. Children into adults.

There are countless, natural wonders that occur on Earth every day.

Monkeys into man? I don’t know anyone who has ever witnessed it but, as the theory goes, if we wait a few million years, perhaps we will live to see it. The theory of evolution has been used to answer many questions for which we have no other answer except - God willed that it should be that way.

Let’s see if we can use their theory to answer the following question:

We know that the sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth. Any further away, we would freeze, any closer we would fry. Any bigger we would be toast, any smaller we’d be ice. If the Earth didn’t rotate, one half of the surface would be as dry as a desert. If the axis weren’t tilted, the fields would have no rest. If the atmosphere were any thicker, the sun would not be able to evaporate the waters of the seas and there would be no clouds. If gravity were any weaker, rain would not fall from the sky, if it were any stronger, we wouldn’t be able to get out of bed (which is difficult enough as it is). As far as we know, the Earth is the only place in our galaxy that has naturally occurring water (since it only exists as a liquid between 32 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit). Without water, there is no organic life. If there were no wind, the continents would only be fertile at the shores (much like the Nile and Egypt). If the wind didn’t blow, carbon dioxide which is only a small portion of the air we breathe, would never reach plants and there would be no food. No food, no monkeys to turn into man.

So here’s the question:

If everything evolved by accident, how did the sun-wind-gravity-water cycle evolve so precisely that it allows for the survival of intelligent life (somewhere) on our planet for thousands of years?

Dumb luck? Or perhaps you want to see alternative answer #2 above.

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Comments icon September 2, 2011


By Robski on September 3, 2011 -- 9:42am

Possibly it means that we have been created by non-organic intelligence or ... It lives on Earth along us. Or our form is just an “organic coat” and true existence does not require all those almost miraculous extreme conditions of Earth except for a momentary presence we call human life.

By chandler on September 4, 2011 -- 3:14am

i love this article

By Justin Hoffer on September 15, 2011 -- 12:43am

Um… Wow… Look, I’ve been using your website to help further my own Jewish learning, lacking due to a secular upbringing. But this is just… This is pathetic.

Do you not understand how evolution works? It doesn’t appear that you do. If gravity were higher, our bones and muscles would be bigger and stronger. Organic life is also known to survive in some of the most extreme conditions, such as around lava vents on the ocean floor. And not just microscopic life, but complex life. Science has in fact been finding planets that are similar to ours, but 3 to 4 times larger, many of which should be capable of supporting life, maybe even intelligent life.

Certainly, this world is a miracle. But you could in fact change many things about it, and had we evolved with those changes, we wouldn’t even notice. We could very well run into a civilization that came from a place with eternal day on one side of the planet, just far enough away from the sun to prevent the surface from overheating while a perpetual ice age would exist on the other side of the planet. Life would find away.

You aren’t doing Judaism any favours with this post. If you don’t understand evolution, learn about it before trying to work it into Judaism.

By Elizabeth on September 16, 2011 -- 12:08pm

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By Yitzchok on September 21, 2011 -- 12:41am

well said. as a matter of fact it seems that the more research they perform the deeper they get into the “hole” that they are trying to escape from.
Take a look at a book called “Schrodingers kittens and the search for reality”. i was astounded, the author actually wrote that leading physicists FEAR that certain experiments on quantum particle behavior prove that their must be a certain conciousness that observes everything in the universe in order to maintain its form and order.

Ma Rabu Maasecha Hashem

By Yitzchok on September 21, 2011 -- 12:56am

With regard to my previous post if you really want to wrap your mind around something astounding take a look at what wikipedia has on the Zeno Effect

By Rob on September 23, 2011 -- 9:55am

You seem to have a lack of understanding of evolution.  Evolution does not occur “by accident”.  On a small scale of one or two generations, you can argue that random mutations in genetic sequences happen “by accident”, which causes variety in species.  You can look at your parents and easily tell that you are a different person than your parents, yet you share a vast majority of the same DNA.  Over the course of millions of years in the world of predators, hunting for food, severe weather, draught, trying to reproduce, etc., life with genetic code best suited to its environment will start to replace the life that cannot compete.
As for why the earth is so perfectly designed for humans, you will be delighted to realize that evolution actually CAN answer this question! It turns out the earth isn’t designed for humans at all! Humans are designed for earth thanks to more than 4 billion years of evolution.  Just because another planet that is hotter or colder does not have the correct climate to support humans does not mean that it cannot support intelligent life.  If intelligent life were to evolve on those planets, their physiology would be tailored to function on their home planet.  The universe is so mind-blowingly big, and contains so many stars and planets, that there must be a countless number of planets just like earth so far away that we may never see them.
And at this point, it seems trivial to point out that no one claims humans were monkeys at some point.  Monkeys simply came from a common ancestor 4-6 million years ago.
Unrelated, but I find it interesting that people can be so opinionated about a scientific theory when they have taken so little time to learn about it.  I’m guessing you support the scientific theory that I’ll go to hell for correcting you?

By evelyn coetzee on September 27, 2011 -- 7:35pm

reading this makes me feel so humble, it is sooo absolutly wonderful!!  Grateful to be reminded of the awsome Ha Shem!!!

By Jeremy on September 27, 2011 -- 10:21pm

This article is a little misleading.  Allow me to provide an alternate perspective and correct some of the misunderstandings.
1) “Monkeys into man? I don’t know anyone who has ever witnessed it but, as the theory goes, if we wait a few million years, perhaps we will live to see it.” 
Monkeys HAVE, in fact, evolved slowly but surely into men (and women), so we don’t have to wait millions more years—it already happened/is happening!  The Theory of Evolution is one of the most exciting discoveries of (relatively) modern science.  No one has ever witnessed a spontaneous change, and luckily, no one even pretends to.  The Theory (as even this article itself states) has to do with very slow, gradual change.  The sheer amount of evidence that proves this change (fossils, transitional forms, etc.) is overwhelming.
2) “The theory of evolution has been used to answer many questions for which we have no other answer except - God willed that it should be that way.”
Again, we have no OTHER answer because it IS the answer.  Some might believe that God willed it this way, and that is OK, but one must recognize that if God is controlling how these things happen, then God most certainly was the catalyst for Evolution.  Evolution is an observable fact.  Believing that God controls HOW species evolve does not necessarily have to contradict the Theory itself.  You can have your cake and eat it, too!
3)“If everything evolved by accident, how did the sun-wind-gravity-water cycle evolve so precisely that it allows for the survival of intelligent life (somewhere) on our planet for thousands of years?”
Everything surely did NOT evolve “by accident.”  The Theory of Evolution is NOT random.  This seems to be a common misunderstanding (though I’m not sure why, as it is explained in detail in just about every Evolution book ever).  Maybe the article is just worded incorrectly, but that should be fixed to as to not mislead any readers.
To illustrate the fallacy of “The world is too perfect to have been an accident,” I propose the following thought experiment:
Imagine you have a deck of cards, and your friend deals you half the deck.  When you look at your cards, you see the hand you’ve been dealt—Ace of hearts, three of clubs, eight of hearts, king of diamonds . . .  If you were to calculate the odds of getting that EXACT hand dealt to you, you would realize how infinitesimally small that probability is.  So, would you assume that your friend cheated, because that hand just HAD to have been planned out?  NO!  The point is, you are going to get a hand regardless.  You could have gotten any hand, with any seeming pattern, and each hand is just as unlikely as any other.  The probability of you having gotten the hand you received is ‘1’, because, well, you got it.
Likewise, the universe seems perfect to us.  It is not exactly perfect (I could do without the hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters, etc.) but life is pretty good on Earth.  However, are the humans on Mars complaining about getting a bad planet?  Of course not, because they don’t exist!!  The probability that we have a universe that supports life is 1, because it exists.  I know this seems simple, but a lot of people really don’t understand that concept.  Working backward, yes, if this universe was predicted, then the chances of that prediction occurring are tiny.  But, there will be a result regardless.  We happen to be that result, and even though it is easy to think backward and assume we were going to be here no matter what, one must understand that this universe is just as probable as any other.

I’d love to discuss this further if anyone is interested!

By Phillip on September 30, 2011 -- 1:39pm

All I can say is: Wow! This so awesome, thanks so much for publishing these powerful articles.

By Liad on October 3, 2011 -- 2:22pm

According to the late Rav Kaplan, this world has been started over 4 times and at each time the animal kingdom has become smaller. We already know that man himself was refined from a hairy, robust and less sensitive individual into a more hairless and more fragile and sensitive person (Adam & Eve). IMO, any future refinements will be in the spiritual realm rather than the physical one.

By Mark on October 4, 2011 -- 11:26pm

I wish people like you would TRY cracking a science book before deciding that science doesn’t know what it is talking about.

The sun-wind-gravity-water cycle didn’t evolve. It’s the simply result of the laws of physics.

Did you ever think about if the sun were both bigger AND further away?

Also factor into your thinking the fact that there are hundreds of billions of planets in this galaxy alone, and hundreds of billions of other galaxies out there. It doesn’t matter how astronomical the odds are the life on this planet would be suitable for life (not to mention the fact that we evolved to fit the conditions on this planet), there are trillions of other planets out there were life could emerge.

By Poe on October 4, 2011 -- 11:51pm

I know! Evolutionists and atheists are so stupid!

Their ideas are just too ridiculous, therefore it must have been God that made the world as it is today. Why can’t they understand this?

By Isaiah on October 5, 2011 -- 9:51pm

There are plenty of other planets where things weren’t quite right and life didn’t develop despite similar circumstance (little place called Mars comes to mind). There are probably trillions of them. Given enough planets orbiting enough stars, one of them, maybe many of them is bound to be sitting at the right distance from its star. To me, this is a much simpler, likelier and more elegant explanation than some all-powerful being creating an entire universe for the sake of ruling over one species on one planet. After all, that just begs the question who created God? If Adonai comes down tomorrow and tells me something different (which would be easy enough for an all powerful God to do) I’ll change my views on the matter.

By Arun Kurian on October 11, 2011 -- 1:59am

True and inspiring

By abraham on October 14, 2011 -- 12:14pm

this is the trouble with judaism, G-d explains everything. This is why Judaism was never able to be curious about the World and act on that curiosity. That requires not to take the Gods too seriously. This is why it is always others who advance human kind. This is why the ancient Chinese, but above all the Greeks and modern European civilization have created the ?orld.

Sure many important Jews contributed and continue to contribute to World advancement but not Jewish civilization as there is no such thing. Jewish culture yes, jewish religion yes but no Jewish civilization.

Remember it was pagan Greece that invented the current man, able to take himself seriously and to consider gods as imperfect humans, able to say men will be governed by ordinary men elected by men and not by priestd oror divine kings.

As a matter of fact Europe was not able to advance until it shook of the the yoke of religion.

There is not one iota of evidence judaism and its poor copies christianity and islam have been worth the effort. Judaism produced the many commandments but has been totally incapable to bring peace to its practicionars. As for the other two there is no evidence they have been lees cruel, less irrational, killed less people tha buddhis, hinduism, shintoism, etc. As a matter of fact the judeo religions have been dominant in the places where more people have been killed.

there is no doubt judaism produces many clever people but as a religion seems to be thorouhly unable to bring peace to Jews.

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