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Be a Yoyo

London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down

When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all

Ashes, ashes we all fall down!

Sound familiar? These are nursery rhymes that we’ve heard since we were kids. Some “things” fall and so do people. Natural, nothing to worry about.

But is that our ultimate goal? To fall flat on our faces? For sure – not! Life is a cycle of ups and downs – just like a yoyo.

What happens when a baby starts learning to walk? He holds on to the nearest object, pulls himself up and then – plop! Down he goes. A second later – there he is trying to stand up again.

And once he’s mastered standing, he learns to balance himself on his two feet. Then once again – one step, two steps, plop! In his innocence, he just won’t give up.

Fortunately, baby has people to cheer him on.  Remember how you would sit on the floor with your arms out, slowly inching backwards encouraging baby to take one more step, just one more step? We also have a Father in heaven Who wants us to succeed. But He doesn’t always make it that easy for us.

We all fall down at times. The wise man gets up and tries again, the fool says, “I can’t.”

King Solomon summed it up beautifully in Proverbs 24:16.  He wrote:

Though the righteous may fall seven times he will rise up again…

Life certainly presents its challenges; sometimes even setbacks. The wise man is like a yoyo. Even though he may falter and fall, he learns from his mistakes and rises up again.

Be smart. Be a yoyo.

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Comments icon October 12, 2010


By - on October 13, 2010 -- 4:39am

Thank you, this was just what I needed. Sometimes things kinda fall apart, and finding the energy to put everything back together again can be hard. This really helped.

By Jerry on October 17, 2010 -- 6:20am

Thank you, that was great. Sometimes as we get older we start to forget to keep getting up. Every once it a while it’s nice to be reminded.

By Y.W. on December 10, 2010 -- 2:11am

Great article, Thank you. Reminds me of a story. A new Prison Chaplin is going to give his first sermon. In honor of the event the floor of the auditorium is shined and waxed and all the prisoners are seated there waiting to hear the chaplin. As he walks down the aisle he slips and falls flat on his face. What does he do? He pulls himself up, dusts off his suit and heads to the podium. He begins his speech. “Ladies and Gentlemen, today I taught you the most important lessons in life, a person can fall flat on their face, lift themselves up, dust off their clothing and continue right where they fell!”

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