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The Krazy Glue Syndrome

Krazy Glue is a great product. It even has its own website. Bet you didn’t know there are more than a dozen different varieties of Krazy Glue. It even comes in colors! And what is its claim to fame? It can bond any two surfaces together instantly. Even your fingers.

So answer me this question. After you use Krazy Glue the first time, you put the cap back on the tube to keep it from drying out. How come you can unscrew the cap off the tube the second time? Why isn’t it Krazy Glued together?

I’m sure there’s an answer. But I have another question for you.

If your stomach can digest any organic material you put into it, how come it doesn’t digest itself? Even if you ate a cow’s stomach, or a goat’s or a chicken’s, it would break it down and digest it. Why not the same thing with your own stomach? (The animals we eat don’t eat flesh, they are herbivorous, not carnivorous so they likely cannot digest OUR stomachs. But I would hate to find out if a lion’s or a bear’s stomach could).

It seems that there are glands in the walls of the stomach that secrete a bicarbonate solution that helps to neutralize the hydrochloric acid that the stomach uses to digest food. If you’ve ever had acid reflux, you know how that stuff burns. It’s so powerful, it would actually burn the skin of your finger if you touched it. And yet, the bicarbonate only works on your stomach walls, not the food. Amazing.

Here’s another one. When any type of poison or bacteria invades the body, the phagocytes and white blood cells automatically rush to the site to battle the invader and shield the body from harm. Feces (sorry), human waste material, is highly poisonous. If re-ingested, it can cause untold harm, even death. How can it stay in your colon and rectum (sorry again) for hours at a time and not harm your body?

Last one. Your kidneys filter 200 quarts of blood every day. They remove impurities and excess water from your circulatory system and send them out of your body in the form of urine. How come you never have to change the filters in your kidneys? In your car, it’s every 3,000 miles. And how come nothing happens to your bladder?

Impurities can harm anything else in your body except those agents that are in charge of protecting the body. Germs and harmful bacteria stick to everything except them. Just like the cap of Krazy Glue.

Krazy. No?

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